Google Pixel devices could do something incredible in 2024

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The Google Pixel 8 connected a table.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

We’re quickly nearing nan extremity of what was a (mostly) unthinkable twelvemonth for Google’s Pixel devices. From fantabulous flagship phones, a awesome first folding phone, and a vastly improved smartwatch, Google did a batch correct pinch nan Pixel marque successful 2023.

With 2024 correct astir nan corner, I’ve been reasoning astir what I want from Google Pixel successful nan caller year. Should Google play it safe? Make drastic changes? Create caller products? Maybe termination immoderate little successful ones?

I deliberation it’s a operation of everything, and if Google plays its cards right, 2024 could beryllium an even better one for Pixel fans.

Don’t messiness pinch nan Google Pixel 9

Someone holding nan bluish Pixel 8 Pro outdoors.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

My first petition for Google is simply a elemental one: don’t do excessively overmuch pinch nan Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro.

I’m each for Google innovating pinch nan Pixel series, but I don’t deliberation nan Pixel 9 and 9 Pro are nan devices that request drastic changes adjacent year. Why? The Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are already 2 of nan champion phones you tin bargain today. Sure, location are upgrades I dream Google makes, but nan instauration we person correct now is arsenic adjacent to cleanable arsenic Google has ever gotten.

There are subtle changes I’d emotion to spot adjacent year. I dream nan regular Pixel 9 gets a higher-quality ultrawide camera, arsenic nan 1 connected nan Pixel 8 is showing its age. Similarly, I’d emotion to spot nan Pixel 9 Pro get a much powerful telephoto camera — perchance pinch a 10x optical zoom range. Google should besides usage nan Pixel 9 bid to summation its charging velocity and amended artillery life to lucifer competing Android phones.

These are my only complaints pinch nan existent Pixel 8 family, and they shouldn’t beryllium difficult issues to reside pinch nan Pixel 9. If Google fixes these things and keeps everything other that useful truthful well, nan Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro are each but guaranteed recipes for success.

Tensor G4 needs to beryllium nan existent deal

Google Pixel 6 Pro tensor siliconGoogle

The Google Pixel 9 bid will presumably beryllium powered by Google’s next-generation Tensor spot — apt called “Tensor G4.” Tensor G3 did a bully occupation of addressing overheating and capacity issues of erstwhile Tensor chips, but it’s still noticeably down competing chips from Qualcomm and MediaTek.

Google is still successful nan early days of creating in-house silicon, truthful it’s possibly naive to deliberation that nan Tensor G4 will spell toe-to-toe pinch nan Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Dimensity 9300. I’m good pinch different twelvemonth of capacity differences and little benchmark scores, but Google has to make its Tensor G4 spot arsenic polished arsenic tin be. Eradicate nan overheating issues for good, amended nan powerfulness ratio truthful two-day artillery life tin go a reality, and wholly thwart nan ongoing compartment reception issues that still plague immoderate Pixel users.

Google’s Tensor chips are nan logic Pixel phones person truthful galore of nan awesome AI features that conscionable aren’t imaginable connected different Android phones. But they besides consistently driblet nan shot successful different departments, and that’s not thing Google tin spend successful 2024.

Give nan Pixel Watch 3 a large refresh

The Google Pixel Watch 2 resting connected a chromatic fireplace.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

The Google Pixel Watch 2 was a large surprise. I didn’t deliberation I’d for illustration nan Pixel Watch 2 1 bit, but arsenic destiny would person it, it really ended up being 1 of 2023’s champion smartwatches. Google listened to (most) our complaints astir nan first Pixel Watch and addressed them head-on — and nan year-over-year improvements are easy to see.

But Google’s activity for nan Pixel Watch isn’t done. As overmuch arsenic I for illustration nan Pixel Watch 2, location are a batch of changes I’d for illustration to spot for nan inevitable Pixel Watch 3.

The main point Google needs to reside is nan Pixel Watch’s size. The 41mm lawsuit is awesome if you person mini wrists aliases for illustration compact watches, but watches are very overmuch not one-size-fits-all products. The solution? Make a larger type of nan Pixel Watch. Apple does this pinch nan Apple Watch. Samsung does it pinch nan Galaxy Watch. Most smartwatch makers do this. Google is nan outlier successful this regard, and there’s nary logic for it not to hole this successful 2024.

Something other that needs fixing is nan Pixel Watch’s show bezels. The gargantuan bezels from nan first Pixel Watch didn’t shrink astatine each connected nan Pixel Watch 2, and while not a deal-breaker, they do severely effect really overmuch you tin spot connected nan surface astatine once. I deliberation nan Pixel Watch 2 looks good, but having countless UI elements trim disconnected by large, chunky bezels is nan other of stylish.

These won’t beryllium easy changes to make, but they’re ones that request to hap for Google’s third-generation smartwatch. They arguably should person happened pinch nan Pixel Watch 2, truthful Google has its activity trim retired for it here.

What astir nan Pixel Tablet 2?

Google Pixel Tablet connected its charging dock.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

It’s beautiful clear-cut what Google needs to do pinch nan Pixel 9 and Pixel Watch 3 successful 2024. But what astir nan Pixel Tablet 2? What astir nan Pixel Tablet 2, indeed.

There’s a lot wrong pinch nan existent Google Pixel Tablet. The 60Hz LCD show doesn’t look peculiarly great, nan speakers are excessively easy to distort, nan Tensor G2 processor heats up quickly, and nan charging dock doesn’t ever do a bully occupation of holding nan tablet successful place. And that’s not to mention nan myriad of package issues pinch nan tablet. On paper, I emotion nan thought of a tablet and smart show hybrid device. But, astatine slightest pinch nan Pixel Tablet, it ends up not being peculiarly bully astatine either one.

It’s difficult to opportunity if we’ll get different Pixel Tablet successful 2024. The Pixel Watch has go a yearly merchandise for Google, but Google’s smart location devices are updated acold little frequently. If Google does release a Pixel Tablet 2 successful 2024, I desperately dream it finds a measurement to upgrade nan hardware specs and hole nan ongoing package issues without expanding nan already steep $499 asking price. But I besides wouldn’t beryllium devastated if Google cooled disconnected connected nan Pixel Tablet for a year, took immoderate clip to regroup, and really thought astir whether this is simply a merchandise statement it wants to perpetrate to. I deliberation there’s a world wherever nan Pixel Tablet tin succeed, but a rushed successor isn’t nan measurement to spell astir it.

Make nan Google Pixel Flip

The Motorola Razr Plus pinch its show half-shut.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

The Google Pixel Fold was a large measurement for Google. Not only did it supply U.S. shoppers pinch a due replacement to nan Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, but it besides showed techies that — yes — Google still knows really to person nosy and innovate successful nan mobile tech space.

I’m judge Google will proceed to refine nan Pixel Fold pinch early generations to come, but I besides dream nan institution finds nan clip to spell successful nan other guidance and merchandise a Google Pixel Flip. Flip-phone style foldables had a large twelvemonth successful 2023 acknowledgment to releases for illustration nan Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Motorola Razr Plus. Google was compltely absent from nan flip-phone conversation, and I’d for illustration to spot that alteration adjacent year.

The Pixel Fold was a beardown first foldable from Google, but it could entreaty to a wholly different demographic pinch a Pixel Flip. Google would person a foldable action that’s much stylish and affordable, and it’d springiness U.S. shoppers yet another folding telephone to take from. I whitethorn beryllium bias arsenic personification who prefers nan flip-phone shape factor, but I would emotion to spot what Google could do here.

2024 will beryllium an absorbing 1 for Google

Made by Google logo astatine an arena venue.Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends

Whether these requests travel existent aliases not, it’s safe to opportunity that 2024 will beryllium an absorbing 1 for nan Google Pixel brand. 2023 was a overmuch stronger twelvemonth than 2022 for Google successful much ways than one, and nan institution has an opportunity to support riding that momentum and make 2024 moreover much noteworthy.

Will that beryllium what really happens? Will Google find a measurement to autumn connected its look instead? It’s intolerable to opportunity for certain. Whatever happens, I’ll eagerly beryllium waiting pinch a beforehand statement spot to spot what goes down.

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