Google rebrands 'android' as 'Android' to remove any doubt about its affiliations

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LOGOWATCH Google whitethorn person felt that 12,000 of its workers were surplus to requirements, but nan hunt and ads elephantine has intelligibly kept plentifulness of designers connected unit – personification astatine nan Big G has recovered clip to redesign logos for nan Android operating strategy and associated frippery.

Android past received a glow-up successful 2019 erstwhile Google decided to alteration colors and names that weren't accessible to all. Out went dessert-themed names for caller versions of nan OS, while immoderate greenish elements were changed to achromatic to thief nan visually impaired.

This clip around, Google reckons nan world organization of 3 cardinal Android devices should beryllium reflected successful logos that "reflect Android's halfway ethos of being open, iterative and inclusive."

The caller logo was designed to "complement nan Google marque palette" and does truthful by adding a superior A to nan operating system's logo. Here's really that looks.

Android rebrand 2023

Android rebrand 2023 - Click to enlarge

Jason Fournier, head of Android Consumer Brand Management, wrote that nan alteration elevates nan logo and gives "more weight to its quality erstwhile placed adjacent to Google's logo."

"While we've added much curves and characteristic unsocial to Android, nan caller Android stylization much intimately mirrors Google's logo and creates equilibrium betwixt nan two," he added, earlier expressing "hope these mini but important updates to nan Android typeface will amended pass nan narration betwixt Android devices and nan Google apps and services group already know."

A reminder: unfastened root cuts of Android exist, and it's very imaginable to tally Android without Google apps – though fewer handset manufacturers make an effort to do so. The narration betwixt Android and Google is truthful already very tight, sloppy of typefaces.

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The logo update besides impacts nan "Bugdroid" – nan cartoonish robot Google uses to anthropomorphize its OS.

The Bugdroid has been fixed "an wholly caller 3D look."

In Fournier's words nan mecha-creature is now "as move arsenic Android itself" and has gained "more dimension, and a batch much character." OK.

It's besides gained immoderate caller personalities that Google thinks correspond nan diverseness it's keen on. Among nan variations it's shown disconnected are rainbow Bugdroid, furry Bugdroid, glitterball Bugdroid, construction-helmet-wearing Bugdroid, and thing The Reg's LogoWatch table thinks mightiness beryllium either punk/mohawk Bugdroid aliases animation monster Bugdroid.

Readers looking for Bugdroids that lucifer their appearance, occupation, aliases property group, look to beryllium successful for disappointment.

Google nevertheless asserts Bugdroid "can easy modulation betwixt integer and real-life environments, making it a versatile and reliable companion crossed channels, platforms and contexts."

Which must beryllium a comfortableness to those 12,000 erstwhile Googlers. ®