Google shares fix for Pixel phones hit by bad system update

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Google Pixel

Google has shared a impermanent hole for owners of Google Pixel devices that were rendered unusable aft installing nan January 2024 Google Play strategy update.

As previously reported by BleepingComputer, aft nan January 2024 Google Play strategy updates came out, immoderate owners of various Google Pixel models knowledgeable soul retention entree problems, nan inability to unfastened apps aliases nan camera, aliases moreover return screenshots.

Google acknowledged nan problem and told BleepingComputer that they were looking into nan issues, and owners who hadn't applied nan January 2024 Play strategy update were advised to clasp off.

Today, Google shared a impermanent and somewhat analyzable hole connected nan Google Pixel support forums that could thief impacted users reconstruct their phones to normal moving status.

"We are alert of a retention rumor occurring connected a mini number of Pixel phones that person received nan January Google Play strategy update, causing immoderate devices to behave incorrectly," sounds a station by a Google organization head on Pixel's support forums.

"If your instrumentality was impacted, you mightiness announcement aggregate apps crashing, screenshots not saving, and outer retention moving inconsistently."

Although Google hasn't shared immoderate specifications regarding nan guidelines origin of nan issue, it stated it's much prevalent connected Pixel devices pinch aggregate personification accounts.

The institution says they are moving connected fixing nan guidelines origin of nan strategy update rumor and will supply further updates erstwhile they study more.

A analyzable fix

While Google is moving connected a hole that will beryllium pushed retired to each Pixel phones via an update, it has released a reasonably analyzable impermanent solution that requires installation of the Android Platform Tools developer toolkit.

If you are comfortable utilizing nan command, past you tin travel these steps to hole your Google Pixel device:

  1. Enable ‘Developer options’ wrong Settings connected your Pixel telephone by:
    • Navigating to Settings > About telephone > Build number
    • Tapping the Build Number option 7 times until you spot nan connection ‘You are now a developer!’ This enables Developer options on your device
    • Go to Settings > System > Developer options
    • Under Developer options enable USB debugging
  2. Connect your Pixel telephone to your machine via USB-C cable.
    • If instrumentality shows “Charging this instrumentality via USB” -> pat for much options and group to “File Transfer”
  3. Click here to download Android’s files of Platform Tools to your computer, which includes nan Android Debug Bridge (ADB) application. 
  4. After unzipping nan downloaded folder, unfastened your terminal / bid prompt.
  5. Within Terminal / Command prompt:
    • Change your moving directory to nan platform-tools directory you conscionable extracted nan devices to.
    • Type “./adb devices” (“adb devices” successful Windows) and property nan Enter key. 
      • If nan consequence wrong Terminal lists your telephone arsenic “Unauthorized” – your Pixel telephone is apt prompting you to let USB debugging. Tap Allow and retry this measurement truthful that your telephone is listed arsenic “device” wrong Terminal.
    • Input nan pursuing commands successful your Terminal, pressing nan Enter cardinal aft each line:
      • “./adb uninstall” 
      • “./adb uninstall” 
  6. Disconnect your Pixel telephone from your computer
  7. Restart your Pixel telephone (your instrumentality mightiness disconnect from network, this is OK)
    • On Pixel 5a and earlier: Press your phone's Power fastener for astir 30 seconds, aliases until your telephone restarts
    • On Pixel 6 and later, including Fold: Press and clasp nan Power and Volume up buttons astatine nan aforesaid clip until your telephone restarts
  8. Return your telephone and machine to their erstwhile settings: 
    • Turn disconnected USB debugging
      • Go to Settings and scroll to nan System conception (on Android 8 and above, spell to Settings > System)
      • Tap Developer Options.
      • Tap nan fastener to toggle developer options Off. USB Debugging is included successful Developer Options
    • Stop adb:
      • Type “./adb kill-server” successful your Terminal model and property nan Enter key. Exit nan Terminal application.

The supra hole requires having a Windows, Linux, aliases macOS machine disposable and a definite level of comfortableness aliases familiarity moving pinch developer tools, truthful it's surely not perfect for everyone.

Rightfully, immoderate users complained that nan hole was acold excessively complicated. Others underlined that Google was excessively precocious to stock a fix, noting that galore impacted users person performed a mill reset by now.


Those still connected nan November 2023 Play Services update would beryllium amended disconnected postponing nan installation of nan latest update, particularly if they usage aggregate personification profiles.

If you're already impacted and request other thief resolving nan issue, it is recommended that you inquire your questions successful Google's support forums.