Google witness accidentally reveals how much Apple gets for Safari search

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Trevor Mogg

By Trevor Mogg November 13, 2023 8:50PM

As allotment of a accord to be the absence chase agent on Apple devices, Google pays the tech behemothic 36% of the acquirement becoming via chase ad action on Apple’s Safari browser.

It’s acutely attenuate for advice of this attributes to be fabricated public. In this case, it was appear during Google’s aegis at the Justice Department’s antitrust trial in Washington, D.C.

The acknowledgment was fabricated on Monday by Kevin Murphy, a University of Chicago assistant who is additionally an economics able for Google buyer Alphabet.

In what was acutely an awkward moment, John Schmidtlein, Google’s capital litigator, “visibly cringed back Murphy said the number, which was declared to abide confidential,” Bloomberg reported.

Just a few weeks ago, a New York Times address put a amount on this, claiming that Google paid “around $18 billion” to Apple in 2021.

A accord amid the two companies to accomplish Google the absence chase agent on iPhone, iPad, and Mac has been in abode back 2002. That was bristles years afore the barrage of the iPhone, afterwards which the accent of the acceding — for both abandon — alone grew. While it’s been rewritten a cardinal of times over the years, the huge numbers appearance aloof how important it is to Google to absorb its prime position on the world’s best accepted smartphone.

In the accepted antitrust case, the Justice Department is claiming that Google has a chase cartel and is illegally advancement its ability over the chase agent and chase ad markets.

Testifying in the balloon aftermost month, Apple’s chief carnality admiral of services, Eddy Cue, said that Google is the ‌iPhone‌’s absence chase agent artlessly because it’s the best one available.

When Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took the stand, he claimed that the accord amid Google and Apple agency it’s around absurd for chase engines like Microsoft’s Bing to accept any adventitious of avaricious a allusive allotment of the chase market.

It’s bright that for Google and Apple, the accord has been alive aloof fine, acceptance both parties to rake in huge amounts of revenue. That’s why this antitrust case is so important. If Google loses, its comfortable accord with Apple could be ordered to end, with iPhone users again offered a best of chase engines back ambience up their device, removing Google’s agent as the default.

It could additionally alert Apple to advance its own chase engine, admitting the barrage of any such artefact could be years away.

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