GoPro unveils its latest action camera, the Hero 12 Black

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GoPro: Introducing HERO12 Black | Everything You Need to Know

GoPro is backmost pinch nan latest loop of its celebrated action camera. The caller GoPro Hero 12 Black is nan benignant of coagulated portion of kit we’ve travel to expect from a institution that’s been successful nan crippled for years. That’s really created a spot of a problem for GoPro, pinch galore customers happy to bent onto their existent exemplary alternatively than upgrade. So it’ll beryllium hoping nan latest type will beryllium charismatic capable to punctual a activity of purchases among existent owners, while astatine nan aforesaid clip attracting a bunch of first-time buyers, too.

Notable pinch nan caller instrumentality is nan artillery life (using nan supplied Enduro battery), which GoPro claims gets you up to double that of the Hero 11 Black, depending connected nan mode that’s used.

GoPro has besides shown immoderate emotion for creators connected vertical video platforms specified arsenic TikTok and YouTube Shorts, adding a caller 9:16 vertical seizure mode, while support for Bluetooth headsets for playback and signaling has besides been added.

The expertise to wirelessly synchronize aggregate Hero 12 Black cameras via timecode connected GoPro’s Quik app will beryllium a invited version for pro users arsenic it’ll let footage of an activity that’s been captured from aggregate angles to beryllium edited much efficiently.

The caller Hero 12 Black tin seizure videos successful 5.3K (up to 30 frames per 2nd (fps) successful 16:9 facet ratio), and 4K (up to 30fps successful 8:7 and 60fps successful 16:9), and besides offers improved move range. And, of course, nan video continues to beryllium stabilized by GoPro’s in-camera HyperSmooth technology.

Interestingly, GoPro has chosen to adhd bluish speckles to nan casing, making it look arsenic if it was antecedently owned by a creator and decorator. Fortunately, nan creation isn’t excessively distracting, and nary uncertainty it’ll entreaty to immoderate buyers.

And GoPro has moreover gotten astir to adding a 1/4-20 mounting thread truthful now it tin beryllium easy attached to astir camera tripods without nan request for an adapter.

The GoPro Hero 12 Black costs $400, though different $50 will get you a bunch of extras specified arsenic an further battery, a handheld monopod, a caput strap, and a carrying case. The caller camera can beryllium preordered now and will onshore successful stores globally connected September 13.

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