GPT-4: how to use the AI chatbot that puts ChatGPT to shame

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People were successful awe erstwhile ChatGPT came out, impressed by its earthy connection abilities arsenic an AI chatbot. But erstwhile nan highly anticipated GPT-4 ample connection exemplary came out, it blew nan lid disconnected what we thought was imaginable pinch AI, pinch immoderate calling it nan early glimpses of AGI (artificial wide intelligence).

The creator of nan model, OpenAI, calls it nan company’s “most precocious system, producing safer and much useful responses.” Here’s everything you request to cognize astir it, including really to usage it and what it tin do.

What is GPT-4?

GPT-4 is simply a caller connection exemplary created by OpenAI that tin make matter that is akin to quality speech. It advances nan exertion utilized by ChatGPT, which is presently based connected GPT-3.5. GPT is nan acronym for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, a heavy learning exertion that uses artificial neural networks to constitute for illustration a human.

According to OpenAI, this next-generation connection exemplary is much precocious than ChatGPT successful 3 cardinal areas: creativity, ocular input, and longer context. In position of creativity, OpenAI says GPT-4 is overmuch amended astatine some creating and collaborating pinch users connected imaginative projects. Examples of these see music, screenplays, method writing, and moreover “learning a user’s penning style.”

GPT-4 Developer Livestream

The longer discourse plays into this arsenic well. GPT-4 tin now process up to 25,000 words of matter from nan user. You tin moreover conscionable nonstop GPT-4 a web nexus and inquire it to interact pinch nan matter from that page. OpenAI says this tin beryllium adjuvant for nan creation of long-form content, arsenic good arsenic “extended conversations.”

GPT-4 tin besides now person images arsenic a ground for interaction. In nan illustration provided connected nan GPT-4 website, nan chatbot is fixed an image of a fewer baking ingredients and is asked what tin beryllium made pinch them. It is not presently known if video tin besides beryllium utilized successful this aforesaid way.

Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Lastly, OpenAI besides says GPT-4 is importantly safer to usage than nan erstwhile generation. It tin reportedly nutrient 40% much actual responses successful OpenAI’s ain soul testing, while besides being 82% little apt to “respond to requests for disallowed content.”

OpenAI says it’s been trained pinch quality feedback to make these strides, claiming to person worked pinch “over 50 experts for early feedback successful domains including AI information and security.”

Over nan weeks since it launched, users person posted immoderate of nan amazing things they’ve done pinch it, including inventing caller languages, detailing really to flight into nan existent world, and making analyzable animations for apps from scratch. As nan first users person flocked to get their hands connected it, we’re starting to study what it’s tin of. One personification apparently made GPT-4 create a moving type of Pong successful conscionable sixty seconds, utilizing a operation of HTML and JavaScript.

How to usage GPT-4

Bing Chat shown connected a laptop.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

The main measurement to entree GPT-4 correct now is to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus. To jump up to nan $20 paid subscription, conscionable click connected “Upgrade to Plus” successful nan sidebar successful ChatGPT. Once you’ve entered your in installments paper information, you’ll beryllium capable to toggle betwixt GPT-4 and older versions of nan LLM. You tin moreover double-check that you’re getting GPT-4 responses since they usage a achromatic logo alternatively of nan greenish logo utilized for older models.

From there, utilizing GPT-4 is identical to utilizing ChatGPT Plus pinch GPT-3.5. It’s much tin than ChatGPT and allows you to do things for illustration fine-tune a dataset to get tailored results that lucifer your needs.

If you don’t want to pay, location are immoderate different ways to get a sensation of really powerful GPT-4 is. First off, you tin effort it retired arsenic portion of Microsoft’s Bing Chat. Microsoft revealed that it’s been utilizing GPT-4 successful Bing Chat, which is wholly free to use. Some GPT-4 features are missing from Bing Chat, however, and it’s intelligibly been mixed pinch immoderate of Microsoft’s ain proprietary technology. But you’ll still person entree to that expanded LLM (large connection model) and nan precocious intelligence that comes pinch it. It should beryllium noted that while Bing Chat is free, it is constricted to 15 chats per convention and 150 sessions per day.

There are tons of different applications that are presently utilizing GPT-4, too, specified arsenic nan question-answering site, Quora.

When was GPT-4 released?

A laptop opened to nan ChatGPT website.Shutterstock

GPT-4 was officially announced connected March 13, as was confirmed up of clip by Microsoft, moreover though nan nonstop time was unknown. As of now, however, it’s only disposable successful nan ChatGPT Plus paid subscription. The existent free type of ChatGPT will still beryllium based connected GPT-3.5, which is little meticulous and tin by comparison.

GPT-4 has besides been made disposable arsenic an API “for developers to build applications and services.” Some of nan companies that person already integrated GPT-4 see Duolingo, Be My Eyes, Stripe, and Khan Academy. The first nationalist objection of GPT-4 was besides livestreamed connected YouTube, showing disconnected immoderate of its caller capabilities.

Is GPT-4 amended than GPT-3.5?

The free type of ChatGPT is still based astir GPT 3.5, but GPT-4 is overmuch better. It tin understand and respond to much inputs, it has much safeguards successful place, and it typically provides much concise answers compared to GPT 3.5.

However, arsenic we noted successful our comparison of GPT-4 versus GPT-3.5, nan newer type has overmuch slower responses, arsenic it was trained connected a overmuch larger group of data.


As mentioned, GPT-4 is disposable arsenic an API to developers who person made astatine slightest 1 successful costs to OpenAI successful nan past. The institution offers respective versions of GPT-4 for developers to usage done its API, on pinch bequest GPT-3.5 models.

The API is mostly focused astir developers making caller apps, but it has caused immoderate disorder for consumers, too. Plex allows you to merge ChatGPT into nan service’s Plexamp euphony player, which calls for a ChatGPT API key. This is simply a abstracted acquisition from ChatGPT Plus, truthful you’ll request to motion up for a developer relationship to summation API entree if you want

Is GPT-4 getting worse?

As overmuch arsenic GPT-4 impressed group erstwhile it first launched, immoderate users person noticed a degradation successful its answers complete nan pursuing months. It’s been noticed by important figures successful nan developer organization and has moreover been posted straight to OpenAI’s forums. It was each anecdotal though, and an OpenAI executive moreover took to Twitter to dissuade nan premise. According to OpenAI, it’s each successful our heads.

No, we haven't made GPT-4 dumber. Quite nan opposite: we make each caller type smarter than nan erstwhile one.

Current hypothesis: When you usage it much heavily, you commencement noticing issues you didn't spot before.

— Peter Welinder (@npew) July 13, 2023

Then, a study was published that showed that location was, indeed, worsening value of answers pinch early updates of nan model. By comparing GPT-4 betwixt nan months of March and June, nan researchers were capable to ascertain that GPT-4 went from 97.6% accuracy down to 2.4%.

It’s not a smoking gun, but it surely seems for illustration what users are noticing isn’t conscionable being imagined.

Where is ocular input successful GPT-4?

One of nan astir anticipated features successful GPT-4 is ocular input, which allows ChatGPT Plus to interact pinch images not conscionable text. Being capable to analyse images would beryllium a immense boon to GPT-4, but nan characteristic has been held backmost owed to mitigation of information challenges, according to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

You tin get a sensation of what ocular input tin do successful Bing Chat, which has precocious opened up nan ocular input characteristic for immoderate users. It tin besides beryllium tested retired utilizing a different exertion called MiniGPT-4. The open-source task was made by immoderate PhD students, and while it’s a spot slow to process nan images, it demonstrates nan kinds of tasks you’ll beryllium capable to do pinch ocular input erstwhile it’s officially rolled retired to GPT-4 successful ChatGPT Plus.

What are nan champion GPT-4 plugins?

Wolfram plugin performing calculations successful ChatGPT.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Plugins are 1 of nan champion reasons to salary for ChatGPT Plus, opening up nan possibilities to what nan exemplary tin do. Two of nan astir powerful examples were created by OpenAI itself: nan code interpreter and web browser plugins.

By utilizing these plugins successful ChatGPT Plus, you tin greatly grow nan capabilities of GPT-4. ChatGPT Code Interpreter tin usage Python successful a persistent convention — and tin moreover grip uploads and downloads. The web browser plugin, connected nan different hand, gives GPT-4 entree to nan full of nan internet, allowing it to bypass nan limitations of nan exemplary and fetch unrecorded accusation straight from nan net connected your behalf.

Some of nan different best GPT-4 plugins see Zapier, Wolfram, and Speak, each of which let you to return nan AI successful caller directions.

What are GPT-4’s limitations?

While discussing nan caller capabilities of GPT-4, OpenAI besides notes immoderate of nan limitations of nan caller connection model. Like erstwhile versions of GPT, OpenAI says nan latest exemplary still has problems pinch “social biases, hallucinations, and adversarial prompts.”

In different words, it’s not perfect. It’ll still get answers wrong, and location person been plentifulness of examples shown online that show its limitations. But OpenAI says these are each issues nan institution is moving to address, and successful general, GPT-4 is “less creative” pinch answers and truthful little apt to dress up facts.

The different superior limitation is that nan GPT-4 exemplary was trained connected net information stopping successful 2021. The web browser plugin helps get astir this limitation, though.

Does Bing Chat usage GPT-4?

Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Microsoft primitively states that nan caller Bing, aliases Bing Chat, was much powerful than ChatGPT. Since OpenAI’s chat uses GPT-3.5, location was an accusation astatine nan clip that Bing Chat could beryllium utilizing GPT-4. And now, Microsoft has confirmed that Bing Chat is, indeed, built connected GPT-4.

Still, features specified arsenic ocular input weren’t disposable connected Bing Chat, truthful it’s not yet clear what nonstop features person been integrated and which person not.

Regardless, Bing Chat intelligibly has been upgraded pinch nan expertise to entree existent accusation via nan internet, a immense betterment complete nan existent type of ChatGPT, which tin only tie from nan training it received done 2021.

In summation to net access, nan AI exemplary utilized for Bing Chat is overmuch faster, thing that is highly important erstwhile taken retired of nan laboratory and added to a hunt engine.

An evolution, not a revolution?

StrictlyVC successful speech pinch Sam Altman, portion 2 (OpenAI)

We haven’t tried retired GPT-4 successful ChatGPT Plus yet ourselves, but it’s bound to beryllium much impressive, building connected nan occurrence of ChatGPT. In fact, if you’ve tried retired nan caller Bing Chat, you’ve apparently already gotten a sensation of it. Just don’t expect it to beryllium thing marque new.

Prior to nan motorboat of GPT-4, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said successful a StrictlyVC question and reply posted by Connie Loizos connected YouTube that “people are begging to beryllium disappointed, and they will be.”

There, Altman acknowledged nan imaginable of AGI (artificial wide intelligence) to wreak havoc connected world economies and expressed that a speedy rollout of respective mini changes is amended than a shocking advancement that provides small opportunity for nan world to accommodate to nan changes. As awesome arsenic GPT-4 seems, it’s surely much of a observant improvement than a full-blown revolution.

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