GPUs are cheap right now, but don’t be tempted just yet

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RTX 4070 seen from nan side.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

If you lived done nan insanity that was nan GPU shortage, you mightiness beryllium tempted by nan existent prices of graphics cards. Don’t be.

We conscionable sewage yet different motion that Nvidia mightiness soon beryllium launching nan RTX 40 Super refresh, and pinch 3 caller GPUs group to travel retired adjacent month, location mightiness beryllium amended options correct astir nan area that could set nan full GPU scenery successful position of pricing.

There person been plentifulness of rumors astir nan upcoming RTX 4070 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super, and nan RTX 4080 Super. While Nvidia itself hasn’t said thing connected nan matter conscionable yet, it’s group to clasp a typical keynote astatine CES 2024 connected January 8, truthful nan confirmation mightiness conscionable beryllium a short 3 weeks away. Now, ITHome published immoderate predictions arsenic to erstwhile nan 3 GPUs mightiness travel retired erstwhile they’re announced. Of course, return this pinch a patient dose of skepticism, though moreover if nan dates don’t lucifer up exactly, it’s apt that we’ll spot each 3 cards successful nan first 4th of 2024.

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The first paper to travel retired is said to beryllium nan RTX 4070 Super, rumored to deed nan shelves connected January 17. As per nan speculation, nan RTX 4070 Ti Super would travel connected January 24, and lastly, nan RTX 4080 Super would travel retired a week later — connected January 31.

Of course, nan specs of each these cards stay unconfirmed. Initially, nan prediction was that we’d get a sizeable upgrade pinch nan RTX 4070 Super and nan RTX 4080 Super, but that doesn’t look to beryllium nan case. According to VideoCardz, nan RTX 4070 Super will athletics 7,168 CUDA cores (versus 5,888 connected nan excellent RTX 4070) and clasp nan aforesaid 12GB representation configuration.

The RTX 4070 Ti Super is shaping up to beryllium nan astir absorbing summation to nan lineup, because this is nan only paper that is said to beryllium getting much VRAM and switching to a different GPU. Rumor has it that nan RTX 4070 Ti Super will athletics nan AD103-275 GPU, 8,448 CUDA cores, and 16GB VRAM — that’s a important summation from nan 4070 Ti (12GB). These specs put it overmuch person to nan RTX 4080 than nan RTX 4070 Ti.

The RTX 4070 graphics paper connected a pinkish background.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Lastly, nan RTX 4080 Super gets a bump successful halfway counts, maxing retired nan AD103 spot pinch 10,240 CUDA cores. It’s said to clasp 16GB VRAM, too. If these specs cheque out, we’re looking astatine a really mini upgrade complete nan existing RTX 4080. Perhaps Nvidia will usage this arsenic an opportunity to hole nan truth that nan 4080 is beautiful unspeakable worth and will travel retired pinch a value accommodation this clip around.

Whether these 3 caller GPUs will go instant hits each depends connected nan pricing. Nvidia is known for its cutthroat pricing strategy, truthful it’s difficult to dream for immense discounts. However, it’s still worthy waiting for nan announcement connected January 8. It’s imaginable that aft nan motorboat of nan Super refresh, nan older models will spot immoderate value cuts, and moreover if not, you could get thing amended for nan aforesaid aliases akin price. The GPUs that are presently disposable shouldn’t spell up successful price, but they mightiness drop, truthful waiting until nan caller twelvemonth really makes sense.

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A 3rd root has conscionable weighed successful connected nan matter of nan rumored RTX 4080 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super, and nan RTX 4070 Super. Benchlife cites its ain sources astatine Nvidia's committee partners arsenic it claims that nan RTX 4080 Super mightiness travel pinch 20GB of memory, whereas nan RTX 4070 Super mightiness beryllium boosted to 16GB. Doing truthful would decidedly require spot changes for some cards. The RTX 4080 Super would now stock nan aforesaid AD102 GPU arsenic nan flagship RTX 4090, and nan RTX 4070 Super would beryllium bumped up to nan AD103 spot recovered successful nan RTX 4080.

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