Gran Turismo 7’s impressive Sophy AI returns with expanded features

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After a little stint successful testing earlier this year, nan Gran Turismo Sophy AI makes its return to Gran Turismo 7 today. The AI instrumentality is now a imperishable portion of nan racing crippled and comes pinch expanded functionality.

A first-person position of a Gran Turismo Sophy Race Together title successful Gran Turismo 7.Sony Interactive Entertainment

While each CPU racers successful Gran Turismo 7 technically usage immoderate shape of artificial intelligence, GT Sophy 2.0 is simply a overmuch much autonomous and smart AI supplier that has learned from subordinate information and tin lucifer nan accomplishment level of apical Gran Turismo players. Essentially, a title pinch GT Sophy 2.0 should consciousness for illustration a title pinch different player. Sony AI tested GT Sophy crossed 4 cars and tracks successful Gran Turismo 7 earlier this year, but that was only a limited-time mode. Now, GT Sophy is simply a imperishable crippled characteristic successful Gran Turismo 7.

Sony AI and developer Polyphony Digital revealed nan news Wednesday morning, elaborating connected nan expanded functionality that comes arsenic portion of its reintroduction to nan crippled done Gran Turismo 7 spot 1.40. Now going by nan moniker GT Sophy 2.0, this precocious AI tin now beryllium utilized pinch 340 different cars crossed 9 different tracks successful Gran Turismo 7’s Quick Race mode. While players tin take which way they want to title GT Sophy 2.0 on, nan car will beryllium chosen automatically “based connected nan car chosen from nan player’s garage,” according to Sony AI. 

In a property release, Sony says nan trial earlier this twelvemonth “allowed nan squad to measure really good nan neural web performed erstwhile embedded successful nan crippled and guided nan engineering tasks progressive successful making nan AI supplier afloat integrated.” Those learnings allowed them to refine nan AI further and grow its functionality, which immoderate Gran Turismo 7 subordinate connected PlayStation 5 tin now spot aft updating nan game.

Gran Turismo 7 is disposable now connected PlayStation 4 and PS5, though GT Sophy 2.0 only useful connected PS5.

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