Grand Theft Auto VI didn’t need The Game Awards

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This accomplished anniversary was one of the best awash for video bold account because of two events: The Game Awards 2023 and the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer. Initially, I was afraid the two weren’t one and the same. GTA 6’s reveal is the best cogent bold advertisement of the year, afterwards all, and Geoff Keighley consistently seems to be analytic for big Elden Ring- or GTA 6-level moments for his show, alike if he doesn’t consistently get those. After demography a footfall aback and attractive at how anniversary performed apart of the other, I anticipate both were bigger off blockage separate.

Taking centermost stage

When it aboriginal teased the Grand Theft Auto VI bivouac in November, it said the bivouac would be appear “in aboriginal December.” Like abounding others, I affected that this meant it would appearance up at The Game Awards because that tends to be the case back bold developers aggravate an advertisement for that window. For example, Focus Entertainment additionally said a absolution date for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 would be accepted “in aboriginal December,” and that concluded up accident during The Game Awards.

Ultimately, Rockstar had the GTA 6 bivouac slated to absolution on the morning of December 5, but concluded up absolution it on the night of December 4 due to a leak. The bold would not go on to accomplish any marketing-related actualization at The Game Awards 2023 on December 7. Although GTA 6 skirted The Game Awards, was leaked, and got acquaint beforehand than intended, it was still a groundbreaking reveal.

GTA 6 Trailer 1 garnered over 93 actor angle aural 24 hours, according to abstracts provided by YouTube Gaming. “Setting this new best almanac is a attestation to the cultural appulse of the alternation and demonstrates why YouTube is the arch destination for gaming agreeable and pop culture,” arch of YouTube Gaming Leo Olebe said in a columnist absolution about that ability that was provided to Digital Trends. While acutely meant to advance YouTube Gaming, that account ashore with me because it culturally explained why GTA 6 did not charge The Game Awards.

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No amount back or area the aboriginal GTA 6 bivouac dropped, it would accept been a big deal. Posted apart of any added gaming news, it became one of the best beheld YouTube videos hours of all time in the aboriginal 24 hours. It was the capital affair everybody in the gaming amplitude was talking about until The Game Awards, as it paid off years of advertising and bedeviled a video belvedere on which the alternation has flourished. It would’ve benefited neither Rockstar Games nor The Game Awards to amalgamate the two.

On Rockstar’s end, the trailer’s appulse would accept acquainted a bit blunted if it had appeared during the awash show. Although contest like Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards can be agreeable for admirers as they accommodate ceaseless flurries of announcements, I anticipate Geoff Keighley’s shows accept gotten aggrandized in agreement of the number of trailers and reveals shown. I saw the aftereffect of this because my attached watched the appearance alive as I appear on it, but struggled to bethink abundant added than Marvel’s Blade and OD after because of how ceaseless the announcements were.

Abubakar Salim absolute a bold at The Game Awards 2023.The Game Awards

I do like how The Game Awards gives us a appropriate mix of indie, AA, and AAA announcements, but it’s boxy to bethink best of the amateur apparent unless they had a abundant trailer, like Den of Wolves and Pony Island 2: Panda Circus, or a memorable onstage moment, like Tales of Kenzera: ZAU and OD. If GTA 6 were to accept been at that show, it would accept been the arch advertisement there, but it additionally would accept been angry for absorption with added AAA games.

It additionally would accept taken the absorption abroad from any announcements or awards that came after. I’ll accept I had a adamantine time accepting invested in Jurassic Park: Survival because it anon came afterwards OD during the show, so I could alone brainstorm how worse it could accept been if article like Tales of Kenzera: ZAU had to chase up GTA 6. And that’s not alike advertence how underserved the awards allocation of the appearance acquainted at The Game Awards 2023.

Woman at a rooftop basin party.Rockstar Games

As a appearance already struggling to antithesis the demands of advertisers, fans, and accolade winners, I don’t anticipate a groundbreaking moment like the acknowledge of GTA 6 would’ve been a acceptable fit for The Game Awards 2023. Ultimately, this is a what-if book that didn’t appear true; it’s a anticipation agreement that exposes the calibration of GTA 6’s cultural accommodation and flaws with The Game Awards’ anatomy and pacing.

GTA 6’s trailer sits at able-bodied over 130 actor views. The Game Awards 2023 still accumulated millions of admirers during the alive event, according to abstracts from Streams Charts, as has the VOD of the event. It’s not like Keighley’s appearance is in crisis of dying after the abutment of companies like Rockstar Games, nor did GTA 6 lose abundant absorption by not actuality at The Game Awards. The awards appearance and GTA 6’s bivouac will accumulate millions of angle in the future, not bridge paths until the bold itself shows up on the accolade circuit. This is aloof a admonition that every advertisement you can anticipate of or adumbrate for an accident like The Game Awards isn’t consistently as acceptable of a fit as you may initially think.

GTA 6 launches for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S ancient in 2025.

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