Hackers targeted 1Password after Okta breach, but your logins are safe

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Alex Blake

By Alex Blake October 24, 2023 2:19AM

Security credentials for illustration usernames and passwords are a tempting target for hackers, and moreover nan best password managers tin travel nether threat from clip to time. That was nan lawsuit precocious pinch nan celebrated password head 1Password, which recently disclosed (via Bleeping Computer) that its Okta support strategy was breached by malicious hackers.

Fortunately, it doesn’t look that immoderate customer information was stolen, truthful if you usage 1Password, your login info should beryllium safe for now. However, it’s ever bully to regularly update your passwords (or use passkeys) conscionable successful lawsuit they autumn into nan incorrect hands.

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In a blog station connected its website, 1Password explained nan situation. “We detected suspicious activity connected our Okta lawsuit related to their Support System incident,” 1Password said. “After a thorough investigation, we concluded that nary 1Password personification information was accessed.”

After detecting suspicious activity connected September 29, 1Password “immediately terminated nan activity, investigated, and recovered nary discuss of personification information aliases different delicate systems, either employee-facing aliases user-facing.”

The Okta connection

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The nexus pinch Okta is absorbing because it reveals a cardinal vulnerability. Okta helps companies negociate their users and guarantee everyone tin log successful securely, and it besides offers support for this process. As portion of that, customers sometimes upload record archives to thief diagnose problems, but these archives tin incorporate delicate information for illustration convention tokens and login data.

According to a detailed study from 1Password, a hacker stole a convention cooky from a 1Password IT employee, past attempted to entree nan worker’s dashboard and petition a database of admin users. Fortunately, nan erstwhile action was blocked by Okta, while nan 2nd led to an automated email being sent to different 1Password admins, which alerted them to nan breach.

While your login info is safe — nary personification information appears to person been accessed by nan hacker — it shows conscionable really easy seemingly unafraid systems tin beryllium breached by bad actors. In consequence to nan incident, 1Password says it has reduced nan number of “super admin” users, implemented tighter login rules for admins, and taken different measures.

Despite this episode, you should still prime 1 of nan best password managers to support your login information safe. After all, utilizing an app to create and shop unsocial passwords for you is acold safer than utilizing nan aforesaid easy guessable login info for each account.

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