Half a billion pound NHS data platform award still stuck in the pipes

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The arguable Federated Data Platform for England's wellness work looks group for much delays arsenic nan authorities assemblage awarding nan £480 cardinal ($582 million) statement – for which Palantir is considered a frontrunner – grounded to corroborate nan victor this week.

The announcement of nan woody to supply nan level to amalgamate information from aesculapian records crossed England was group to get astatine nan extremity of September, according to tender documents. NHS England, nan authorities quango responsible for nan award, later said a decision would beryllium announced successful nan mediate of October.

The authorities wants NHS organizations to usage nan information level for performance, guidance and research. However, diligent information advocates are concerned users of aesculapian services could suffer power of really their aesculapian records are accessed. Other critics person highlighted that Palantir has an unfair advantage successful nan title since it supported nan Covid-19 information shop during nan pandemic, a task which later saw it awarded £60 cardinal ($72 million) successful NHS activity without competition. It is presently supporting projects which will beryllium rolled into nan FDP programme.

Over nan past week, NHS England published an unfastened missive signed by 16 doctors successful support of nan FDP attack to amended information guidance and thief nan wellness work retrieve its elective attraction backlogs, which saw 7.5 cardinal group waiting for curen successful nan summer, 3 cardinal much than earlier nan pandemic. The missive includes six doctors from trusts already utilizing Palantir arsenic portion of NHS England pilots and 3 doctors from NHS England itself.

"This caller instrumentality [the FDP] will let america to amended negociate nan information we presently clasp successful trusts and regions, and use nan lessons learned from nan vaccination run to present faster, much informed diligent care, thief thrust elective recovery, and lend to semipermanent challenges for illustration organization wellness management," nan missive said.

Sam Smith, coordinator astatine wellness privateness run group MedConfidential, said publishing nan missive would beryllium a unusual move if Palantir had not won nan statement — group to past 7 years — assuming NHS England already knows nan winner.

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"They published this unfastened missive pinch a bunch of group saying nan FDP will do really bully things. But galore of them are group who benignant of play for Palantir: fine. If Palantir has not won, why is it NHS England publishing nan quotes saying really awesome it each is?" he said.

NHS England has truthful acold declined to remark connected further delays to nan announcement. It has antecedently said nan title is adjacent and unfastened since it formally kicked disconnected successful January.

Palantir is said to see nan woody a "must-win" arsenic it attempts to broaden nan marketplace for its information products beyond information and subject applications wherever they first recovered a foothold. ®