Haunted Chocolatier: release date speculation, news, trailer, and more

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In precocious 2021, indie developer Eric Barone (commonly known arsenic ConcernedApe online), famed for single-handedly creating the magical Stardew Valley, officially announced that he was processing an all-new game. That crippled is called Haunted Chocolatier, and it looks for illustration a full different world of fun, casual simulation wherever you find retired nan concealed desires of each azygous personnel of your community.

Details are still constricted — “I conscionable for illustration moving successful secret,” ConcernedApe reported successful his past charismatic advancement update — but don’t worry, plentifulness of info has already dropped, and we’ll support you updated astir each item truthful you cognize what’s going on.

Release date

Character moving past a cocoa mill successful Haunted Chocolatier.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

There is nary group merchandise day for Haunted Chocolatier, and it looks for illustration it’s going to beryllium successful improvement a spot longer than fans initially expected.

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The astir caller update connected nan game’s advancement comes from an question and reply Barone did pinch Screen Rant successful December 2022. The question and reply focused connected a collaboration betwixt Barone and nan indie-pop set Alvvays to make a euphony video for their opus “Many Mirrors,” but location were besides a fewer Stardew Valley references and news astir Haunted Chocolatier as well. Here’s what Barone had to opportunity astir his advancement connected Haunted Chocolatier:

“It’s going well, but it’s a large game. I person a big, eager imagination for it. It’s a small spot daunting, nan magnitude of activity that it’s going to be. But Stardew Valley took maine fou-and-a-half years; I’ve been moving connected Haunted Chocolatier for astir a twelvemonth and a half aliases possibly 2 years now. I announced it a small spot complete a twelvemonth ago, but it’s still gonna beryllium a while. But I deliberation it’s going good. So far. There’s a batch of bully things truthful far.”‘

In April 2023, Barone tweeted that he was moving connected an update to Stardew Valley and that he was taking a break from processing Haunted Chocolatier temporarily. It appears that nan break is complete though — successful October, he tweeted a fewer caller images from nan game.

Thanks for 1 cardinal followers 👍here's a fewer Haunted Chocolatier images pic.twitter.com/3PW2jMIF3R

— ConcernedApe (@ConcernedApe) October 4, 2023

If Haunted Chocolatier takes arsenic agelong to get to its last shape arsenic Stardew Valley did, fans mightiness not spot nan crippled until 2025 astatine nan earliest.


A subordinate characteristic exploring nan wood successful Haunted Chocolatier.ConcernedApe

Haunted Chocolatier will perfectly beryllium coming retired connected PC, but location has been nary mention of different platforms.

Stardew Valley yet made its measurement to consoles and mobile, truthful we’re assuming Haunted Chocolatier will beryllium readily disposable to each gamers arsenic well.


We’ve only seen a speedy glimpse of Haunted Chocolatier in an early gameplay video released successful October 2021. The video shows citizens going astir their time successful a cozy small town, a small spot of combat arsenic a characteristic gathers ingredients successful nan wild, and immoderate chocolate-making footage from wrong nan cocoa factory.


Foraging successful Haunted Chocolatier.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Haunted Chocolatier begins pinch nan subordinate starting up a cocoa shop while surviving successful a haunted castle successful nan mediate of a snowy community. The subordinate will request to activity a wide assortment of ingredients and alliances to make nan champion cocoa imaginable and yet scope success.

It’s not astonishing conscionable really akin nan crippled looks to Stardew Valley truthful far. ConcernedApe has compared it to nan power of nan moon, arsenic Stardew Valley was nan power of nan sun. The creation style, movement, and interface are each recognizable here. However, it is being created successful a caller engine, which appears to let for immoderate important additions. So far, there’s nary accusation if it’s really placed successful nan aforesaid world arsenic Stardew Valley.

The simulation aspects

One of nan things group fell successful emotion pinch successful Stardew Valley was nan expertise to return their time, get to cognize everyone successful nan community, and make advancement pinch a assortment of relationships (and farming, of course), what Barone calls a “town game.” Haunted Chocolatier will beryllium much of nan same, pinch akin systems to springiness gifts, get to cognize characters, and advancement relationships…or make mistakes.

Action and combat

Here’s wherever Haunted Chocolatier splits from Stardew Valley successful important ways. There is simply a overmuch greater accent connected Action RPG features, and that includes combat, which has a complete overhaul. There will beryllium a assortment of weapons and shields, a afloat blocking system, a stun strategy connected pinch successfully blocking enemies, and more. This should make foraging attempts and exploration an absorbing portion of nan crippled for those who want a small much action successful their chocolate-making plans.

Surprisingly, nan combat successful nan crippled could return a spot of inspiration from Diablo II.

“When I was successful nan early stages of Haunted Chocolatier, I was playing a bunch of Diablo II. Getting loot and seeing your numbers spell up connected nan stats? I for illustration that stuff,” said Barone successful a December 2022 question and reply pinch Screen Rant. “I consciousness for illustration a batch of Stardew Valley players aren’t that into it, but I’ve conscionable sewage to do what I deliberation is fun. And I deliberation that’ll radiance done successful nan game, if I’m excited astir it.”

The soundtrack

Fans of Stardew Valley are nary uncertainty eager to cognize what benignant of soothing tunes Haunted Chocolatier will have. Good news — it sounds awesome truthful far. You tin cheque retired nan trailer to get an thought of what to expect. We astir apt won’t perceive overmuch much until nan crippled nears completion.

Multiplayer and co-op

Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

According to nan FAQ section of nan developer’s blog, Haunted Chocolatier is being designed arsenic a single-player crippled pinch nary plans for immoderate benignant of multiplayer aspects.


The crippled is still apt a mates of years from release, truthful there’s nary chance to pre-order it conscionable yet. We’ll support you posted.

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