HCL modernizes Notes by adding ... mail merge?

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Hello, beloved [READERNAME], The Register coming brings you nan news that nan heir to Lotus Notes has added nan expertise to message merge emails.

The groundbreaking caller characteristic came successful an update to HCL Notes released past week, alongside type 14 of nan Domino groupware server.

"Groupware" is what endeavor collaboration devices were called earlier they were overtaken by intranets, which successful move were overtaken by SharePoint, earlier it was challenged by Atlassian. And past Microsoft gave nan world Teams to trump nan emergence of standalone vidconf clients.

Notes offered a customer and a server – nan second named "Domino" to debar disorder arsenic Notes dominated nan groupware marketplace successful nan mid-1990s. IBM, which still cared astir PCs astatine nan time, acquired Lotus, nan developer of Notes, for $3.5 cardinal – astatine nan clip nan astir ever spent to get a package biz.

Big Blue milked nan suite for nan adjacent 18 years, earlier all-but-acknowledging it had go bequest package by handing it disconnected to India's HCL successful 2017.

HCL has proven a good steward of nan product, updating it regularly pinch much than token upgrades.

Version 14, delivered past week, adds modern niceties specified arsenic passkey authentication, a no-code improvement environment, amended root power for civilization apps built connected nan platform, and self-healing server clusters.

There are besides immoderate additions that consciousness for illustration they've taken measurement excessively agelong to onshore – specified arsenic auto-downloading patches pinch scheduled installation and person integration pinch group calendaring.

And past there's that message merge characteristic successful Notes. The functionality has been coming – if not pleasant – successful Microsoft Outlook for ages. Mail merge appears not to person been a autochthonal characteristic of Notes though. In 2020 HCL noted a personification petition for nan characteristic and has now delivered. So this is rather a milestone release!

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As we reported erstwhile HCL released a Domino 14 beta backmost successful June, there's besides immoderate symptom for users because a alteration successful nan supported type of Java – from 1.8 to 17 – intends civilization apps will request to beryllium checked for compatibility. On nan customer side, Notes is now exclusively 64-bit, meaning immoderate add-ons and integrations whitethorn not activity – including antivirus software.

The Register readers presumably cognize nan value of defense successful extent and would not beryllium near exposed by a message client, moreover astatine a clip erstwhile inboxes are replete pinch phishing lures.

HCL has besides updated its Sametime video and audio gathering instrumentality – adding an admin dashboard, an analytic dashboard, much privateness settings, nan action to employment analyzable passwords, and what HCL has described arsenic "the long-requested features to support reactions and let for connection deletion."

It's difficult to spot immoderate of nan supra features prompting users of Zoom, aliases Teams, to commencement making plans for a Domino migration. HCL astir apt won't mind that, arsenic bequest package tends to beryllium profitable. Users, meanwhile, apt admit that a level they've relied connected for years isn't being near to decay. ®