Heidenheim vs Dortmund live stream: Can you watch for free?

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Tim Keeney

By Tim Keeney February 2, 2024 6:00AM

Heidenheim invited Dortmund to Voith-Arena for a compelling Bundesliga matchup connected Friday. It’s been a while since either broadside mislaid a lucifer successful nan league, arsenic Dortmund person 3 wins and 2 draws successful their past five, while Heidenheim person rattled disconnected 3 consecutive draws to travel 3 consecutive victories.

The lucifer starts astatine 12:30 p.m. ET, and it will beryllium broadcast exclusively connected ESPN+ if you’re successful nan United States. That intends that you won’t beryllium capable to watch a ineligible unrecorded watercourse for free, but ESPN+ besides proves to beryllium worthy having for immoderate Bundesliga fan.

Watch Heidenheim vs Dortmund connected ESPN+

The ESPN Plus main menu.Phil Nickinson/Digitial Trends / Digital Trends

Every azygous Bundesliga lucifer this play will watercourse unrecorded connected ESPN+. Some of nan biggest matches whitethorn besides beryllium simulcast connected ESPN aliases ESPN2, but nan only measurement to guarantee you watch each crippled is pinch an ESPN+ subscription. Unfortunately, location is nary ESPN+ free trial, but it’s conscionable $11 per period by itself aliases $15 for a bundle of ESPN+, Hulu and Disney+. For Bundesliga alone, that useful retired to astir 30 cents per lucifer successful February (37 full matches), and that’s not moreover counting nan tons of different unrecorded sports (including shot leagues specified arsenic German DFB Pokal, La Liga, Copa del Rey and FA Cup) and original shows.

If you’re moreover conscionable nan slightest spot willing successful Bundesliga aliases shot aliases sports successful general, ESPN+ is simply a must-have successful your streaming work rotation.

Watch Heidenheim vs Dortmund Live Stream from Abroad

NordVPN institution sanction and logo, bluish upland peaks against a achromatic circle connected a bluish background.NordVPN

If you’re an ESPN+ subscriber but you’re extracurricular of nan country, a virtual backstage web (VPN) provides you safe and unafraid online activity by masking your IP address, which besides allows you to watercourse arsenic if you’re still wrong nan US. There are a batch of different VPN deals to take from (you tin cheque retired nan best VPN deals here), but you can’t spell incorrect pinch NordVPN. It’s safe, doesn’t limit your streaming speeds and comes pinch a free 30-day money-back guarantee.

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