Helldivers 2: all Boosters and how to get them

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Building up your characteristic and being a team subordinate is captious successful Helldivers 2. A ngo is doomed from nan commencement if you only look retired for yourself, but you mightiness beryllium overlooking an easy measurement to springiness yourself and your squad immoderate other support. Boosters are conscionable 1 of nan galore ways to customize your trooper, but possibly 1 of nan astir important.

These aren’t handed retired automatically, truthful if you don’t cognize really to get them or, moreover much importantly, what they do, you are putting yourself astatine a needless disadvantage. We’re present to train you connected each nan Boosters successful Helldivers 2 and really to get and equip them for your adjacent mission.

All Boosters successful Helldivers 2

A booster explanation successful Helldivers 2.Sony Interactive Entertainment

There are only 7 Boosters successful Helldivers 2 that unlock successful sequence, truthful it whitethorn beryllium worthy grabbing 1 early, moreover if you spy 1 much to your sensation if it won’t unlock for rather a while. Note that Booster effects do not stack if much than 1 subordinate successful your squad has them, truthful effort to make judge everyone has a unsocial 1 equipped. Here’s each Booster and what they do.

Hellpod Space Optimization

  • Ensures that each subordinate connected nan squad starts each ngo pinch afloat ammo, grenades, and stims.

Vitality Enhancement

  • All players summation an accrued guidance to injury

UAV Recon Booster

  • Increase your radar effective range

Stamina Enhancement

  • Boosts everyone’s max stamina and really quickly it recovers

Muscle Enhancement

  • Makes it easier to traverse crossed terrain

Increased Reinforcement Budget

  • Gives you much reinforcements

Flexible Reinforcement Budget

  • Makes reinforcements spawn faster

How to get Boosters

Boosters are obtained only by going to nan Acquisitions Center and into nan Helldivers Mobilise! Warbond conflict pass. From there, Boosters commencement showing up connected pages 3 done 9, pinch Flexible Reinforcement Budget arsenic an objection since this 1 is located successful nan Stelled Veterans conflict walk connected page three.

Each 1 costs a definite number of Medals to unlock, but erstwhile you person one, you tin either equip it via nan Armory successful your vessel aliases erstwhile mounting your loadout earlier a mission. We propose doing truthful successful nan loadout paper since you tin coordinate pinch your squad connected which Boosters each personification has equipped truthful nary 1 overlaps.

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