Help, Android 14 ate my Pixel! Bug causes endless reboots, loss of storage access

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Google has confirmed that immoderate people's Pixel devices person mislaid entree to section retention aliases go trapped successful reboot loops aft applying nan Android 14 package update.

Reports of problems began showing up earlier this month, soon aft nan October 4 merchandise of Android 14.

Bug reports revenge to Google's Issue Tracker connected October 17 and 24 picture Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 devices that tin nary longer entree locally stored photos and different documents, aliases behaviour updates, because nan hardware reports having nary abstraction to shop files. They besides picture being stuck successful a loop of changeless reboots.

More than 500 comments person been posted to nan October 17 thread, galore from Pixel instrumentality owners who declare they excessively person been affected.

Google connected Monday acknowledged nan problem.

"We are alert of an rumor occurring connected immoderate Pixel devices (Pixel 6 and later models) that person some received nan Android 14 update and person aggregate users (other than nan superior user) group up," said a Google organization manager.

Multiple users successful this discourse intends users, guests, restricted profiles, and child users but not aggregate Google accounts associated pinch a superior personification aliases activity profiles, according to nan organization manager. However, astatine slightest 1 personification claims activity profiles are affected.

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The consequence of updating to Android 14 erstwhile aggregate users person been group up is that nan instrumentality tin suffer nan expertise to entree media retention aliases it tin reboot pinch a "Factory information reset" message. Accepting nan message, Google's organization head says, intends non-backed up information will beryllium lost. And rejecting it tin nonstop nan instrumentality into a reboot loop.

Google did not instantly respond to a petition to supply much accusation astir nan origin of nan error. One theory is that a missing symlink whitethorn beryllium to blame.

Google says it's moving connected a hole and nan tech titan has already deployed a Google Play strategy update "that will thief forestall this rumor from being triggered connected further devices."

For those incapable to entree media storage, Google expects that its hole will beryllium capable to reconstruct entree to media files without a mill reset. But for those stuck successful a footwear loop, nan result is little definite – "we are investigating methods that whitethorn beryllium capable to retrieve immoderate data." ®