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Sponsored Post The occupation of nan cyber information master is ne'er easy, and it gets progressively harder pinch nan activity of delicate information and applications crossed nan aggregate different connected and disconnected premise systems that dress up modern hybrid unreality environments.

That's why SANS has created a training and certification program devoted specifically to unreality security, designed to thief those responsible for implementing effective unreality information measures wrong their organisation to broaden their knowledge and skills.

The latest free acquisition contented is nan 'Bridge to nan Clouds: Unifying Worlds pinch Entra ID successful Hybrid Landscapes' webinar, which will beryllium broadcast astatine 2pm UTC (9am EST) connected nan 7th of November. It will beryllium hosted by Simon Vernon, Head of Research and Development astatine nan SANS Institute responsible for nan creation and operations of each BootUP and Community Cyber Ranges. Simon is besides nan CSO for a societal media firm, advisor and committee personnel to respective different organizations and is 1 of nan SANS instructors connected nan SEC488: Cloud Security Essentials course.

The webinar will explicate really Microsoft's Entra ID helps to amended personality and entree guidance successful hybrid unreality environments, illustrating really it useful via customer lawsuit studies and real-world applications of nan technology's expertise to synchronize identities crossed connected and disconnected premise Active Directory configurations.

The 'Bridge to nan Clouds: Unifying Worlds pinch Entra ID successful Hybrid Landscapes' webinar is free to watch for members of nan Community, conscionable 1 constituent of a full library of free resources that SANS has made disposable to unreality information practitioners.

As good arsenic different webinars, videos, and blogs, these see everything from Buyers Guides to cloud-native exertion protection platforms (CNAPPs) to surveys connected unafraid DevOps and API security, achromatic papers connected Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for Kubernetes, and reviews of nan Scaler Zero Trust level for unreality workloads, for example.

There are besides free open-source devices to download and cheat sheets and posters that connection ocular representations of cyber tips and techniques. Members of nan Community tin besides return advantage of regular newsletters providing master commentary connected nan latest news and cyber information risks.

You tin motion up to entree nan 'Bridge to nan Clouds: Unifying Worlds pinch Entra ID successful Hybrid Landscapes' webinar and different free SANS unreality information resources by clicking this link.

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