Here’s how to combine PDF files the easy way

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From lodging contracts to business deals, PDFs seep into conscionable astir each area of nan net arsenic nan charismatic archive format you request to get things done. But sometimes utilizing nan celebrated format intends we request to convert, combine, aliases edit them. PDFs, however, tin often airs rather a situation erstwhile moving pinch different operating systems.

Whether you’re a Mac aliases Windows user, we’ve surgery down nan steps for combining your PDF files. Here is really to do it pinch whichever machine you have.

How to harvester PDFs: Use PDFgear

Our existent favourite method for merging PDFs is simply a free app called PDFgear. It's an easy to use, quick-to-install desktop app that allows you merge PDFs successful conscionable a fewer steps. No sign-ups aliases subscriptions required.

PDFgear is disposable for Windows, macOS, and iOS.

Note: The pursuing instructions were tested and written based connected nan Windows type of PDFgear.

Step 1: Go to nan PDFgear website and download nan type of nan app that is due for your PC's operating system. Then instal nan app.

Step 2: Once it is installed, unfastened up PDFgear. You'll past beryllium presented pinch its main paper surface which displays each of PDFgear's PDF editing tools. We're only willing successful combining PDFs correct now, truthful prime nan Merge & split tab.

Selecting nan Merge and Split tab connected nan PDFgear desktop app. screenshot/Anita George / Digital Trends

Step 3: Then prime nan Merge PDF button. Then connected nan Merge PDF surface that appears, prime Add files.

Step 4: Choose nan PDF files you want to harvester and past prime Open.

Step 5: Once your selected files look successful nan PDFgear app, look for nan Output record name matter box. In that matter box, edit nan sanction of your soon-to-be-merged PDF record to immoderate you like.

Step 6: Then prime nan reddish Merge button.

Once nan merging of your selected PDFs is complete, you'll automatically beryllium shown your caller PDF's record location. From here, you tin unfastened and position your recently merged PDF.

The Merge PDF surface connected nan PDFgear desktop app. screenshot/Anita George / Digital Trends

How to harvester PDFs connected nan web

There are scores of free, web-based devices that will let you to merge PDF files — and that’s bully news for you. If you request to merge files quickly, this whitethorn beryllium nan champion action since these programs don’t really attraction wherever your PDF files travel from aliases wherever they’re going. They don’t require installing immoderate further programs either. They tin person strict size limits, though.

Below are 2 celebrated devices for merging PDF files, but support successful mind that they some do nan aforesaid thing. If you tally into formatting issues pinch 1 tool, past effort another.

  • PDF Joiner: PDF Joiner is perfect for each sorts of record format shifts and changes. Of course, you tin harvester PDFs pinch this tool. But you tin besides person your finalized archive to different archive aliases image formats. If you’re trying to condense galore different formats into one, this instrumentality functions arsenic a awesome replacement to pulling your hairsbreadth out. The only limitation is that nan package only allows you to activity pinch 20 files astatine once. Depending connected your needs (and nan wave of your record mergers), this mightiness not beryllium enough.
  • Smallpdf: Smallpdf’s champion characteristic is that it’s easy to upload files consecutive from Dropbox aliases Google Drive, which is peculiarly adjuvant if you activity connected collaborative projects. We’re besides fans of really nan Smallpdf merge instrumentality offers professional-grade performance. You tin spot your PDF while you’re creating it, truthful you’ll cognize precisely really it’s going to move out. One drawback is that you tin only process up to 2 documents per time for free.

There are truthful galore different ways to merge PDFs that you mightiness not cognize which will champion suit your needs; fortunately these activity pinch each OS, truthful you tin effort them all. With truthful galore options for combining PDF files, you don’t person to struggle anymore. No matter what OS you’re moving (or really galore files you request to merge), there’s a instrumentality to make it easier.

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