Here’s how to get your PlayStation 2023 wrap-up

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Every year, PlayStation lets you return a look backmost astatine your twelvemonth of gaming connected its platform. You’ll get stats for illustration number of hours played, apical played games, trophies earned, and more. While you are free to get your stats correct now, they will proceed to beryllium updated until January 12, 2024, truthful you tin get nan afloat image of your year. What’s caller this clip astir is nan summation of integer cards you tin position and stock pinch your friends that item immoderate of your astir awesome stats, arsenic good arsenic a free avatar and PlayStation Stars integer collectible. Here’s really to get yours today.

Your PlayStation 2023 wrap-up

Cards showing PlayStation crippled stats for 2023.Sony

To get your ain personalized PlayStation wrap-up, simply caput to Sony’s wrapup web page and motion successful to your PlayStation Network account. If you would prefer, you tin besides opt to use this nexus to person Sony email you a breakdown directly. In either case, you whitethorn person to beryllium diligent erstwhile trying to entree your stats since it seems for illustration nan servers are having problem keeping up pinch nan number of group attempting to entree it astatine once.

When you do make it in, you will spot a breakdown of which games you spent nan astir clip playing, really galore full hours you played this year, really galore full games you played, which was nan first crippled you played successful 2023, and what percent of games were PS4 versus PS5. But possibly astir absorbing is your “Gaming Style.” This gives you a explanation based connected what genre of games you played most. Your full Trophies earned, arsenic good arsenic a breakdown of really galore of each type, is different highlight.

These stats are ever nosy to return a look astatine erstwhile nan twelvemonth is wrapping up to bespeak connected each your gaming accomplishments connected PlayStation and they are nosy to stock and comparison pinch your friends.

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How to get tech parts successful Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man attacks enemies successful Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Amid each nan different tokens, memories, and photo-ops you request to cod successful Marvel's Spider-Man 2, nan 1 worldly that is some nan astir communal and astir basal is Tech Parts. With nan objection of your abilities, which only require accomplishment points you gain by leveling up, fundamentally everything you tin unlock aliases upgrade successful nan crippled will costs Tech Parts alongside 1 different material. You mightiness deliberation you will ne'er tally debased early connected erstwhile you commencement getting them successful batches of complete 100 astatine a time, but erstwhile you commencement unlocking each nan slick caller suits and styles and gadgets you want to upgrade, you'll recognize conscionable really hopeless you are to get more. Your spider-sense can't thief you pinch this one, truthful present are nan champion ways you tin get Tech Parts successful Spider-Man 2.
Best ways to get Tech Parts

Tech Parts are nan astir basal upgrade constituent successful Spider-Man 2, and nan metropolis is afloat of them. But you're amended disconnected utilizing these methods to get them alternatively than others.

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PlayStation 5 is getting a slimmer (but not cheaper) redesign adjacent month

The new, smaller PS5 models launching successful November 2023.

Sony announced that new, smaller versions of nan PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will deed shop shelves successful November. On apical of that, an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive for Digital Edition consoles is besides connected its way. 

Revealed successful a PlayStation Blog post, these caller versions aren't being branded nan PS5 Slim aliases thing akin to that; they're conscionable nan caller flagship versions of Sony's latest console. Their creation is akin to nan motorboat models, but is now made up of 4 individual screen panels. The apical panels connected each broadside characteristic nan PlayStation logo and a glossy finish, while nan bottommost panels are made pinch nan aforesaid matte worldly arsenic existent PS5 models. The creation makes nan PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition lighter and reduces nan measurement of some consoles by 30%, according to Sony.
In nan U.S., nan caller PS5 will unit for $500, while nan caller PS5 Digital Edition will costs $450. PS5 Digital Edition owners tin past switch retired 1 of nan bottommost screen panels for nan $80 Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive for PS5, which will let them to play beingness copies of games aliases watch movies connected what is sold arsenic a digital-only console. Both of these caller PS5 models travel pinch a horizontal stand, though a caller Vertical Stand priced astatine $30 is besides successful nan works.
Despite nan slimmer design, nan caller PS5 models aren't coming pinch a value cut. The exemplary including a disc thrust is still nan aforesaid value arsenic a existent PS5 model. The integer version is really getting a $50 value summation from nan existent integer version's $400 value tag. Those who want to upgrade and adhd an $80 disc thrust aft nan truth will extremity up paying much than nan non-digital type successful nan agelong run.
The PlayStation Blog station confirms that nan motorboat versions of some PS5 consoles will beryllium phased retired arsenic these caller models deed shop shelves successful nan U.S. sometime successful November. If you were readying to get a PS5 console soon, it whitethorn beryllium worthy considering holding disconnected until these caller models launch.

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How agelong is Spider-Man 2?

Red and achromatic spider-man successful nan dark.

Sony's first-party titles are known for their cinematic and often lengthy experiences that worth storytelling and ambiance conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic solid, enjoyable gameplay. That hasn't changed for Spider-Man 2, which features nan return of some Peter Parker and Miles Morales arsenic they tackle aggregate caller threats successful New York – immoderate that whitethorn moreover beryllium coming from within. This thrilling caller web-slinging escapade should person plentifulness to connection some casual players and completionists, but really agelong will it return to beat? We won't cognize for judge until nan crippled launches, but caller leaks and rumors person teased what players tin expect. Here's really overmuch clip you should fund for Spider-Man 2 based connected existent rumors.
How agelong is Spider-Man 2?

A playthrough of Spider-Man 2 should return players an mean of 17 hours according to immoderate estimations and leaks — which includes nan main run and dabbling successful rounding up collectibles and doing different broadside content. The crippled will besides characteristic an expansive trophy database for illustration its predecessor that should beryllium a joyousness if you're a completionist, and it will apt return you astir 25 to 30 hours to decorativeness if leaks are to beryllium believed. This will apt require you to 100% complete each districts, which will see finishing immoderate and each side-quests arsenic good arsenic open-world activities. You'll besides apt request to acquisition each of Spider-Man's suit tech upgrades and gadget upgrades, arsenic good arsenic scope max level.

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