Hisense just debuted the world’s largest mini-LED TV at 100 inches

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100-inch Hisense U8K 4K mini-LED TV.Hisense

Hisense now makes nan world’s largest mini-LED backlit 4K TV: nan 100-inch U8K TV. It announced nan caller TV astatine CEDIA Expo, nan yearly convention for AV professionals and installers, taking spot successful Denver, CO from September 7-9. The caller TV mightiness beryllium nan world’s biggest, but its value is amazingly accessible (at least, for a TV of this size) astatine $10,000. Hisense’s TVs are often deeply discounted, sometimes arsenic soon arsenic they spell connected sale, truthful we expect this value to driblet soon. It will beryllium disposable from retailers for illustration Best Buy and Amazon later this fall.

“Popularity and user liking successful large screens continues to grow,” said David Gold, President of Hisense USA, successful a property release. “While our laser TV lineup tin scope up to an awesome 300-inches, we besides wanted to connection an action that showcases Hisense’s superior mini-LED experience, and location was nary amended prime than what’s proving to beryllium our astir award-winning TV to date: nan U8K Series. We’re nan only marque offering mini-LED astatine nan 100-inch size, astatine this capacity level, pinch this characteristic set, and a worth package.”

The caller 100-inch U8K is fundamentally a larger type of nan Hisense 65U8K TV Digital Trends reviewed earlier successful 2023, which earned precocious marks for its brightness, color, contrast, and gaming chops. The 100-inch type has each of nan aforesaid awesome features, including IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Vision, a quantum dot-enhanced mini-LED backlight, 144Hz adaptable refresh complaint (VRR), AMD FreeSync Premium, car low-latency mode (ALLM) and Dolby Vision Gaming.

The Google TV-powered smart TV is besides compatible pinch ATSC 3.0 (NextGenTV) and boasts a 2.1.2-channel built-in speaker strategy pinch support for Dolby Atmos. For those who want to create a afloat wireless sound strategy without nan request for an AV receiver aliases a soundbar, WiSA SoundSend support is besides included.

The title to nutrient nan biggest TVs is intelligibly entering a caller phase. Samsung conscionable announced its largest mini-LED 8K solution TV — nan 98-inch QN990C — astatine nan staggering value of $40,000, while astatine nan different extremity of nan spectrum, TCL’s caller 98-inch S Class S5 LED 4K TV was conscionable announced astatine $5,000.

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