HM Government has partnered with SANS to train cyber security experts

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Partner Content According to nan Cyber Security Breaches Survey 26 percent of mean businesses, 37 percent of ample businesses and 25 percent of high-income charities person knowledgeable cyber crime successful nan past 12 months.

With cyber information experts successful precocious demand, uncovering nan correct talent to thief protect your business tin beryllium difficult. Graduates from nan Upskill successful Cyber programme acquisition a rigorous training process to go certified successful globally recognised cyber information qualifications, and beryllium fresh for employment by businesses successful request of cyber information talent. As this year's cohort travel to nan extremity of their training, sojourn here to study astir really they tin thief support your business secure.

Earlier this year, HM Government collaborated pinch SANS to motorboat Upskill successful Cyber. This is an intensive, accelerated training programme, designed to thief aspiring cyber information professionals get nan skills they request to motorboat their careers and link them pinch nan correct manufacture roles.  

This year's programme received a grounds 4,600 applications, pinch nan apical 7 percent chosen based connected aptitude-based assessments and awarded a spot connected nan programme. Graduates complete GIAC Foundational Cyber Security Technologies (GFACT) and GIAC Security Essentials Certifications (GSEC), covering basal cyber information concepts specified arsenic programming, cryptography, and forensics. These certifications show applicable capabilities and knowledge, making graduates highly sought-after by employers.

Upskill successful Cyber is committed to connecting these talented graduates pinch section companies, ensuring they tin lend to nan maturation and occurrence of nan UK cybersecurity industry. Director of Operations of e2e-assure, Jim Fox, has had a long-standing employer business pinch SANS and says that taking connected committee talent from nan Upskill successful Cyber programme has benefitted e2e-assure arsenic a institution and his integral team.

"We specialise successful threat discovery and consequence solutions. As a consequence of hiring talent from nan Upskill successful Cyber programme, we were capable to easy show our cyber information credentials and show that we had nan correct acquisition and training to beryllium trusted to protect clients from cyber attacks . This boosted our nickname and spot wrong nan manufacture and we won further contracts," said Jim Fox, Director of Operations of e2e-assure.

Upskill successful Cyber has certified cybersecurity graduates fresh to commencement their careers successful nan industry.

To study much astir candidates and talk really your business tin use from this talent, email For much accusation astir nan Upskill successful Cyber programme, and upcoming webinars for employers willing successful hiring graduates, visit here.

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