Houston Texans vs. Carolina Panthers live stream: watch the NFL for free

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Alabama’s Bryce Young and Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud went first and second, respectively, successful nan 2023 NFL Draft. Now, their teams will quadrate disconnected connected Sunday day arsenic Young’s Carolina Panthers (0-6) big Stroud’s Houston Texans (3-3) wrong Bank of America Stadium successful Charlotte, North Carolina. The crippled will commencement connected Fox astatine 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT connected October 29. Brandon Gaudin (play-by-play) and Robert Smith (analyst) will beryllium successful nan broadcast booth, pinch Jen Hale (reporter) providing updates from nan sidelines.

The 2023 play has been unsmooth connected Young arsenic nan Panthers stay winless. Young has only thrown for six touchdowns, on pinch 4 interceptions, a acold outcry from his numbers astatine Alabama. Stroud, connected nan different hand, has thrived successful Houston. Stroud group nan grounds for most walk attempts without an interception to commencement a career. Stroud’s 9 touchdowns and 1 interception person propelled Houston to a promising start.

Will nan Texans get complete .500, aliases will Carolina prime up their first victory? You tin drawback Young versus Stroud connected Fox to find out. Watching nan crippled pinch a cablegram subscription is 1 of nan easier ways to entree Fox. However, location are progressively much ways to watch Fox successful 2023. Sling TV, a streaming tv service, is simply a apical replacement to cable. Find retired really to watch Fox connected Sling TV below.

Watch nan Texans vs. Panthers unrecorded watercourse connected Sling TV

Sling TV app icon connected Apple TV.Digital Trends

NFL fans tin bask their favourite NFL games pinch Sling TV, 1 of the best unrecorded TV streaming services connected nan market. Sling TV allows for versatility and customization acknowledgment to a elastic transmission lineup. At $40/month, Sling Orange is much sports and family-orientated, pinch exclusive channels specified arsenic ESPN, Freeform, and Disney Channel.

Sling Blue, which costs $45/month, is geared toward news and entertainment,with section broadcasts of Fox, NBC, and ABC. Subscribers tin harvester nan 2 and acquisition Sling Orange + Blue for $60/month. New customers will person 50% disconnected their first period of Sling TV.

Watch nan Texans vs. Panthers unrecorded watercourse from overseas pinch a VPN

NordVPN moving connected a MacBook Pro.NordVPN

The Texans and Panthers are a fewer years distant from contending for nan playoffs. However, this crippled is an breathtaking matchup featuring 2 quarterbacks who could go apical 10 astatine nan position down nan road. Don’t miss retired connected nan action. If you will beryllium walking during nan game, aliases if you’re presently extracurricular of nan country, make judge to download a VPN work to thief combat streaming issues.

A virtual backstage web enhances your information and privacy, a basal constituent successful today’s world. A VPN will instrumentality your relationship into reasoning you’re streaming from location by utilizing a U.S.-based server. This will activity astir nan location broadcast restrictions successful nan area. Out of each nan VPN services, our apical proposal is NordVPN, 1 of nan best VPN services to usage pinch Sling TV. There’s nary consequence successful trying NordVPN since it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Carrie Underwood, we've been waiting each time for Sunday nighttime to watch this game. The Miami Dolphins (5-1) return their high-powered discourtesy connected nan roadworthy to play nan Philadelphia Eagles (5-1). The kickoff is scheduled for 8:20 p.m. ET connected October 22. The crippled will aerial connected NBC pinch Mike Tirico, Cris Collinsworth, and Kathryn Tappen providing commentary from nan booth and sidelines. NBC's streaming service, Peacock, will aerial a simulcast of nan broadcast. It's imaginable that this crippled could beryllium a imaginable Super Bowl preview.

You couldn't inquire for a amended crippled than nan Dolphins versus nan Eagles. The victor will person a beardown declare for champion squad successful nan NFL. Tune into NBC to watch nan game. If you do not person a cablegram package, past don't worry. There are different ways to watch NBC's sum of nan Dolphins and Eagles, including a streaming tv work specified arsenic Sling TV. Find retired really to watercourse nan Sunday nighttime NFL crippled connected Sling TV below.
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After Week 6, location are nary much undefeated teams successful nan NFL. The San Francisco 49ers (5-1) fell to nan Cleveland Browns (3-2), and nan Philadelphia Eagles (5-1) mislaid to nan New York Jets (3-3). Five teams now beryllium atop nan standings pinch 5-1 records: nan 49ers, Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions, and Miami Dolphins.

Speaking of nan Dolphins and nan Eagles, those 2 teams will meet connected Sunday Night Football successful nan "Game of nan Week." Overall, 11 games are connected nan Week 7 schedule for Sunday, October 22. Besides Miami versus Philadelphia, nan champion early crippled will beryllium played successful Baltimore arsenic Lamar Jackson and nan Ravens (4-2) play Jared Goff and nan Lions. For much NFL content, fans tin motion up for NFL Sunday Ticket done YouTube TV. New customers tin motion up for a free trial.
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It's a room descend crippled for nan Chargers, arsenic they request to triumph to enactment successful nan hunt for nan playoffs. Meanwhile, nan Chiefs are attempting to triumph nan AFC West for nan eighth consecutive year. Whenever nan Chargers and Chiefs play, expect nan last people to beryllium close. The Chiefs person won nan erstwhile 3 matchups, making love backmost to nan 2021 season. 
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