How much is Spotify Premium, and can you get it for free?

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Spotify gives you entree to an unthinkable magnitude of euphony (100 cardinal songs), podcasts (5 million) and audiobooks (nearly half a million)—so it’s nary wonderment nan work has go culturally ubiquitous, pinch good complete 200 cardinal subscribers arsenic of 2024. That’s much than some Apple Music and Amazon Music.

If you want to get nan champion of Spotify, you’ll want to motion up for a Premium account, which costs $10.99 a period for an individual membership. There are besides subscription options for 2 group (Spotify Premium Duo, $14.99 a month), families (Spotify Premium Family, $16.99 a month), and students (Spotify Premium Student $5.99 a month).

Read connected arsenic we explicate what’s included successful a Spotify Premium subscription, item nan euphony streamer’s free tier, and show you immoderate ways to get a deal.

Spotify plans explained

The Spotify app connected an iPhone, showing nan Home page.

Spotify Free

With Spotify Free, you tin listen to thing you want successful nan mobile, web, aliases desktop Spotify app, arsenic good arsenic connected smart TVs and compatible crippled consoles, arsenic agelong arsenic you’re consenting to put up pinch ads. Core hunt and play features are available, including nan expertise to perceive to circumstantial tracks connected demand, replay caller albums, subscribe to podcasts, and more. While nan free work is much than capable for casual listeners, much regular listeners whitethorn get irritated pinch nan changeless ads, constricted shuffles, and somewhat little sound quality. 

Spotify Premium: Individual — $10.99 per month

Those consenting to portion pinch a small rate tin entree a big of top-tier features, including much than 100 cardinal ad-free tracks, positive nan expertise to download your euphony straight to a instrumentality and get higher streaming quality. As a Spotify Premium user, you tin prevention tracks and podcasts for offline listening, which is perfect for travelers and group utilizing Spotify during their commute. You besides get a period for free erstwhile you subscribe for nan first time.

Spotify Premium: Duo — $14.99 per month

With Spotify Duo, you tin stock your Spotify subscription pinch a friend, family member, aliases partner “under 1 roof.” Both users get their ain Spotify dashboards, on pinch features specified arsenic collaborative playlists that you and a bunch of friends tin adhd to and edit, positive Blend, a playlist that’s a operation of collaborative playlists and Spotify’s personalization that automatically “blends” together each user’s (up to 10) philharmonic tastes successful a shareable playlist. Cost-wise, it’s fundamentally 2 accounts for $7.50 per period each, pinch tiny sharing features for couples and champion friends.

Spotify Premium: Student — $5.99 per month

If you’re a student (you request a valid student email address), you tin get a Spotify Premium subscription called Student for a discount price. It besides comes pinch an ad-based Hulu subscription and Showtime. Just make judge you re-register arsenic a student aft a year, aliases Spotify will portion you of nan Hulu rank and commencement charging you nan afloat Premium rank price.

Spotify Premium: Family — $16.99 per month

Those pinch loved ones who besides want to stream music whitethorn beryllium much willing successful nan Spotify Family plan, which lets you person up to six group connected 1 account. It besides comes pinch a big of parental power options and Spotify Kids, a abstracted app aimed astatine children. Spotify Kids has child-friendly songs, truthful you don’t person to interest astir immoderate of your kids accidentally streaming definitive music. You tin besides make playlists for nan kids truthful they only perceive to what you allow. You get nan afloat features of nan service, including nan aforementioned Blend and collaborative playlists. Again, measurement is everything. Six accounts separately would costs $60 per month.

Spotify deals

Spotify occasionally offers wide deals to marketplace its Premium services, which thin to connection a definite number of months of Premium for free. From Spotify itself, those caller to Spotify Premium tin get the first period for free conscionable by signing up. If you conscionable bought a caller Samsung Galaxy device, you whitethorn besides beryllium eligible for a free three-month trial of Spotify Premium, but this connection is only disposable successful nan U.S. And since you tin cancel Spotify Premium astatine immoderate time, you tin locomotion distant erstwhile nan connection expires, without paying a dime.

Spotify Partner Premium Plans

Spotify besides partners pinch immoderate ample companies to connection circumstantial deals that tin thief you find discounts for nan service. These deals tin alteration complete time, but celebrated options include:


Walmart rank Spotify discounts.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

If you’re an avid capable shopper astatine Walmart and already person aliases are contemplating buying a Walmart+ membership for $13 per period aliases $98 per year, you tin return advantage of six months of free Spotify Premium. The only caveat is that you can’t person already had a Spotify Premium relationship before.

Starbucks Employees

Starbucks Spotify offer.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Starbucks is among nan employers that connection their employees, aliases “partners,” a Spotify Premium relationship for free.


Try 3 months free of Spotify Premium erstwhile you motion up pinch PayPal.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

As pinch nan Walmart offer, if you haven’t already had a Premium account, you tin sign up for a PayPal account and rate successful connected 3 months of free Spotify Premium.

Important note

Spotify pricing tin alteration from state to country, and sometimes prices aren’t balanced successful section currency. For example, correct now, plans successful nan U.S. commencement astatine $10 a month, but Australian users get akin features for 12 Australian dollars ($7), users successful nan U.K. salary £10 a period ($11), and Indian users salary conscionable 119 INR (a small complete $1) a month. Always return a look astatine your section prices, and see checking retired a reliable VPN.

Rick Astley creator page connected Spotify connected an iPhone.Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

How Spotify compares to nan competition

If you’re torn betwixt Spotify and a rival, chances are it is either Apple Music aliases YouTube Music. Spotify and YouTube Music costs nan aforesaid for their individual premium, ad-free tiers astatine $10 per month, pinch Apple Music now coming successful astatine conscionable a dollar more. Prices are astir nan aforesaid for their different tiers, pinch Apple Music’s further dollar connected each, too, and they each tout a akin group of features, but Spotify comes retired connected top — successful our opinion, astatine least. Why? Because it has nan champion interface, an endless catalog of on-demand content, awesome curated playlists, and a free tier (namely, Spotify Free) that’s amended than YouTube Music’s free plan, for those who don’t want — aliases aren’t successful nan position — to participate into a commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How overmuch is Spotify Premium for a year?

Spotify bills by nan period for its Premium plan, and does not connection its users an yearly option. However, Spotify does waste a $99 gift card that will spell a ways to covering your yearly Spotify expenses, though perchance not nan full ways: if you’re connected an Individual Premium plan, your full yearly costs will beryllium $132.

Is it worthy paying for Spotify Premium?

While Spotify raised its scheme prices midway done 2023, celebrated statement is that it’s still worthy paying nan $10.99 a period for Spotify Premium. After all, Spotify Premium gives you ad-free entree to 100 cardinal songs, 5 cardinal podcasts, and half a cardinal audiobooks, to opportunity thing of nan curated playlists and different features nan streamer includes.

How to get Spotify for cheap?

To get Spotify for cheap, nan first point to do is to spot whether immoderate of your different memberships aliases subscriptions (like Walmart aliases PayPal, for example) propulsion successful free tests of Spotify. Likewise, if you conscionable bought Samsung Galaxy device, you whitethorn besides beryllium eligible for a free three-month trial of Spotify Premium.

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