How Setting Consistent Goals Increased My Revenue By 100%

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Discover really mounting accordant and well-defined goals transformed 1 entrepreneur's life and business, starring to a singular 100% summation successful revenue. From quarterly objectives to life aspirations, this article shares nan powerfulness of extremity mounting and nan effect it tin person connected achieving individual and financial success.

“People pinch clear, written goals, execute acold much successful a shorter play of clip than group without them could ever imagine.”

-Brian Tracy

10 years ago, I enrolled successful my first coaching programme called The Strategic Coach, a programme dedicated to helping entrepreneurs execute exponential growth.

I seldom usage nan look “game changer,” but this programme is conscionable that.

I scheme connected penning early blog posts sharing what I’ve learned from nan programme and really I’ve benefited from it.

My dream is that you’ll besides summation immoderate cardinal takeaways that you tin use to your ain life.

Goal Setting Worksheet

Each quarter, I walk a afloat time pinch different like-minded entrepreneurs successful a classroom-like setting, going complete nan worldly for that day.

Before we get started, we observe our “wins” for nan erstwhile quarter, helping america admit everything we’ve accomplished successful nan past 90 days.

Believe me, arsenic engaged arsenic I am, I sometimes suffer show of each nan wins – large aliases small.

The adjacent portion that we talk astir is what I want to attraction connected today.


Another portion of our time is focused connected penning our goals for nan upcoming quarter, arsenic good arsenic revisiting/updating our 1-year, 3-year, and life goals.

Prior to joining Strategic Coach, I had a decent wont of penning down my goals astatine nan opening of each year.

I thought that by publishing my goals arsenic blog posts, I would enactment committed and execute more.

Guess what happened?

I published different blog station soon aft I published those. And another. And another. And another. You get nan point:

I forgot astir those goals and I hardly revisited them.

Now, because of my coaching program, I reappraisal my goals consistently and tin visibly spot what I’ve done, and what I request to do.

That subject has yielded exponential results successful my business and successful my individual life.

Business-wise, my gross has accrued almost 100% since I started creating and consistently revisiting my goals. Even much awesome is that I’ve been capable to building my business to where I attraction much connected nan things I emotion to do, alternatively than nan things I person to do. 

As I said previously: #gamechanger.

Below, you will find my astir caller group of goals that I wrote down a fewer weeks ago. I’ve tried my champion to beryllium arsenic transparent arsenic I can, successful hopes you’ll find immoderate use from it.

Regarding immoderate of nan gross goals, please support nan pursuing successful mind: I’ve been a financial advisor for 10 years, and americium now nan CEO of my ain company. You tin publication astir immoderate of my journeys here and here.

Also, my online business has been going for 5 years strong. You tin support up pinch that travel connected my and my wife’s associated blog, Dollars and Roses.

Okay, let’s return a look astatine my goals….

Quarterly Goals (This 4th ends January 25th)

goal mounting worksheet

1. Launch Good Financial Cents Podcast: This includes ordering nan intro disconnected of and signaling astatine slightest 11 episodes (4 earlier submitting to iTunes).

GFC Podcast

2. Launch Redesign of Good Financial Cent: I’ve had a designer moving connected this since mid-July. The creation is complete and now I’m trying to find personification to person nan creation into a caller WordPress taxable Genesis. 

You tin get a consciousness of nan colour strategy of my podcast screen creation supra and here’s different look astatine my caller logo:

GFC New Logo

3. [Done] Give Killer Talk At FinCon: I went; I spoke; I conquered. You tin publication my wife’s recap of nan arena here.

Speaking astatine Fincon

4. Schedule Disney Cruise With family: This summer, we went to respective conferences and took a spontaneous travel to sojourn 1 of Mandy’s blogging buddies successful Pittsburgh, but we ne'er took an existent family vacation. 

Part of nan rumor is that Mandy thought we mightiness get a free cruise done a woody connected her blog. That, unfortunately, ne'er came through, and summertime came to a screaming end.

I’ve ne'er been connected a cruise. I was expected to spell connected 2 before, but my deployment to Iraq interfered pinch nan first one, and Mandy’s caller hiring astatine her aged occupation interfered pinch nan second.

Since I perfectly dislike nan winter, I thought it would beryllium nosy to return nan family location warm. I americium already fresh to go!

5. Complete Course for Starting past year, I started moving pinch nan peeps complete astatine arsenic their “CFP” contributor.

They had, and have, a awesome organization complete there, but they were successful request of having an master pinch credentials who’s besides obsessed pinch blogging. Enter me. 🙂

We’ve decided to attraction connected creating a people that talks astir nan cardinal principles of my book, which will beryllium disposable if you motion up for their email list. Getting my book and my marque moreover much exposed to their assemblage is huge.

What’s moreover much immense is that nan worldly I create for nan people will besides beryllium offered to my readers, too. Nothing for illustration doing activity connected a task that tin beryllium utilized successful aggregate places.

This was a extremity that wasn’t primitively connected my radar until aft attending FinCon, truthful this is decidedly a premier illustration of having to set connected nan alert and spell pinch what’s hot.

1- Year Goals

1. Gross Revenues From All Business Will Exceed $750,000: This will see Alliance Wealth Management, LLC and each of my online businesses. The eventual extremity is to spot if my online gross tin surpass my financial readying practice.

2. Streamline Duties of Alliance Wealth Management, LLC: Initiate systems and processes that let my squad to grip nan brunt of nan work.

To make this happen, nan pursuing request to occur:

  • Bring connected a strategical partner to go nan Chief Investment Officer who will grip astir of my client’s needs (realizing that immoderate “A Clients” will want to proceed to activity pinch me). Going forward, that partner would return nan lead connected immoderate caller customer relationships.
  • [Done] Hire a “Director of First Impressions” to grip each incoming and outgoing calls pinch clients. This personification will beryllium capable to beryllium trained by Brenta (our existent shared support staff).
  • [Done] Move inferior advisor from salaried position to 1099 Independent contractor status, to grip life security division.
D&R podcast 1400 3

3. [Done] [Done] Launch a Podcast Specifically for Dollars and Roses: Our extremity will beryllium to do 2 podcasts per month. I’m still leaving a doorway unfastened to motorboat a Soldier of Finance podcast to thief pinch book marketing. 


I’ve decided against nan Soldier of Finance podcast and will alternatively do a Good Financial Cents podcast. See quarterly goal.

4. Release Administrative Duties of Good Financial Cents: This includes: scheduling of posts, inserting images, adding meta-tags, formatting posts, and dealing pinch advertisers.

5. Schedule a 2-Week RV Trip With nan Family: As a kid, my mom and stepdad would return a puerility friend and maine successful a centrifugal location and conscionable drive. We toured bluish California, Oregon, and Nevada, making immoderate of nan champion memories of my life.

I want my kids to person that experience. The only “must-see” destination will beryllium nan Grand Canyon; everything other will beryllium an adventure.

3- Year Goals

1. Total Revenues From All Business to Exceed $1 Million per Year: The eventual extremity is to nett (after expenses) $1 cardinal per year. My extremity is that complete 60% of this gross will travel from my online businesses.

2. Make My Role With Alliance Wealth Management, LLC to Be More of nan Face of nan Operation: I will behaviour reappraisal meetings and associated first meetings pinch bigger clients, but astir of nan activity will beryllium done by my team. For this to succeed, I request to instrumentality nan plans stated successful my 1-year goals.

3. Content Producer (And Only Content Producer) For Good Financial Cents and Dollars and Roses: Content would see penning blog posts that are meaningful to me, conducting interviews, and producing videos.

To let maine to attraction connected this, I request nan following:

  • Secure a full-time blog editor/affiliate head who will proofread, schedule posts, and negociate each connection opportunities.
  • Continue to leverage freelance writers and VAs to automate business.

4. Live Abroad With Entire Family for a Minimum of 3 Weeks (4 Preferred): My perfect state is Australia. This was really a 1-year goal, but my woman thinks taking 3 young boys (current ages are 6, 3, and 2) and surviving overseas would beryllium much symptom than it’s worth. 

At first, I dismissed it, but past I remembered really our 2-year-old tin beryllium a spot of panic (see pic below).

I figure/hope/pray that successful 3 years, nan Rose family will beryllium fresh for our first European (or Australian!) vacation. 🙂

setting goals - crazy son

Lifetime Goals

1. Spiritual Leader of My Household: I want my kids to spot maine first arsenic a God-loving begetter who puts his religion first earlier success. I want to continually emotion and support my woman and do truthful successful a Godly manner.

2. Live a Long and Filling Life With My Wife and Family: Raise my kids pinch nan philosophies of moving hard, but not sacrificing “work” for what you love; emotion first; and treating group pinch respect (Golden Rule)

3. Have Several Multiple-System Driven Businesses That Produce >$100,000 a Month of Passive Income

4. Live successful Multiple Countries (5+) For an Extended Period of Time (Minimum 3 Weeks) With Entire Family

5. Inspire Over 1,000,000 People to Invest successful Themselves: This tin beryllium done accepted investing (Roth IRA, 401k), obtaining a higher grade aliases certification, aliases investing successful a mini business. More connected this extremity successful nan coming months.

6. Be a Successful Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author of Numerous Works: I want to beryllium recognized arsenic a difficult worker who puts his family and religion first.

What if I Don’t Achieve My Goals?

Great question! If I don’t execute my goals for that quarter, I don’t hit myself up complete it. The astir communal logic I don’t execute a definite extremity is because thing came up that wasn’t expected that took privilege complete nan erstwhile goal.

Sometimes, though, nan goals I don’t execute are conscionable really bad ideas, and I don’t recognize that until I commencement moving connected them. I’m trying to get amended astatine that, but nan occasional bad thought still sneaks in.

Your Goals

As a reminder, I revisit these goals each 4th and make changes accordingly. Revisiting these goals is what has been immense for me.

When was nan past clip you wrote down your goals? More importantly, when’s nan past clip you’ve revisited them?

Free Download: Want nan aforesaid worksheet I utilized to constitute down my goals each quarter? Grab my Goal Achiever Worksheet and put your goals into hyperdrive. Download nan free worksheet HERE.

Share your goals successful nan comments conception below.

Final Thoughts

In nan pursuit of growth, joining The Strategic Coach programme a decade agone was a pivotal determination for me. Regularly mounting and reviewing goals transformed my attack to entrepreneurship. I discovered nan value of celebrating victories, rekindling my attraction connected goals, and adapting dynamically to changes. 

This believe intensified my dedication and propelled my gross by almost 100%. These habits reshaped my business model, empowering maine to attraction connected my passions and delegate tasks.

I’m excited to stock my journey, and I dream you glean insights to invigorate your ain path.


Goals are nan compass steering america toward accomplishments that reshape our lives.