How to back up your Apple Watch: everything you need to know

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To make nan astir of your Apple Watch, you request to nexus it to your iPhone. This will let you to entree almost everything from your telephone connected your wrist. Once you person paired your devices, your telephone will automatically nonstop accusation to your watch. Moreover, erstwhile you backmost up your iPhone, each nan information connected your Apple Watch will besides beryllium backed up.

In this guide, we show you really to backmost up your Apple Watch, whether it beryllium an Apple Watch Series 9, Apple Watch Series 8, aliases an older model.

If you execute regular backups of your iPhone, past your Apple Watch information should already beryllium backed up. We'll show you really to cheque that it is, conscionable successful case. We'll besides explicate really to reconstruct it and reappraisal what nan backup does and doesn’t include.

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How to backmost up your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch information will backmost up to your iPhone regularly, arsenic agelong arsenic it’s successful range. The process of unpairing an Apple Watch will besides automatically create a backup. When you brace that watch again, aliases brace a caller watch, you’ll beryllium capable to reconstruct nan latest backup if you want.

Step 1: First, beryllium judge to person your instrumentality connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: On your iPhone, spell to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud.

Finding nan settings for iCloud connected your iPhone nether nan Settings app Digital Trends

Step 3: Tap iCloud Backup, past toggle connected Back Up This iPhone if it's off. Tap Back Up Now if it has not been backed up recently, aliases conscionable do it anyhow for nan astir caller information record.

Confirm iCloud backups are being performed successful nan Settings app Digital Trends

Step 4: When you unpair your Apple Watch, it automatically backs up to your iPhone. This intends that if you get a caller Apple Watch, you tin easy reconstruct your instrumentality from a erstwhile backup.

It's important to retrieve that your Apple Watch useful successful conjunction pinch your iPhone. As agelong arsenic your iPhone is decently backed up and up to date, you shouldn't brushwood immoderate issues erstwhile restoring your information to your Apple Watch. Once you've successfully restored your iPhone from a erstwhile backup, you tin travel nan steps supra to link your Apple Watch to nan caller device.

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Everything included successful your Apple Watch backup

Your Apple Watch automatically backs up astir of its contented arsenic portion of nan regular backup process.

According to nan Apple Support website, nan backup includes app information for built-in apps specified arsenic Calendar, Stocks, and Weather. It besides encompasses wide strategy settings, app layout connected nan Home Screen, Dock and Clock look settings, and wellness and fittingness data. Additionally, an iPhone/Apple Watch backup includes euphony playlists, albums, mixes, and your synced photograph album, among different things.

The Apple Watch SE 2 fresh to brace pinch a phone. Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

What isn't successful your Apple Watch backup

It’s worthy noting that not everything stored connected an Apple Watch is included successful a backup, but astir of it is. For information reasons, debit aliases in installments paper accusation antecedently stored connected nan Watch, arsenic good arsenic Bluetooth pairing information, are excluded. Additionally, your Apple Watch passcode won’t beryllium included successful backups.

None of this accusation is basal aliases can't beryllium replaced erstwhile restoring your Apple Watch from backup. You will request to adhd different passcode, brace your Bluetooth devices again, and adhd your slope cards, arsenic needed.

Messages that are stored connected nan Watch are besides excluded unless you usage iCloud and Messages successful iCloud. If you do, your iMessages, SMS texts, and multimedia messages will beryllium stored successful iCloud.

Now that you’ve ensured your accusation is up to day and backed up safely, person immoderate nosy pinch your device. Explore immoderate of our favorites from nan best Apple Watch apps and nan best Apple Watch faces.

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