How to change suits in Spider-Man 2

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Everyone knows nan iconic Spider-Man suit. The red-and-blue spandex azygous has been iterated connected and altered hundreds of times complete nan people of decades, starring to immoderate akin and immoderate very different designs. Spider-Man 2 introduces Venom and nan symbiote suit to nan operation arsenic a crippled point, but location are almost 70 full suits from various comics, shows, and movies to unlock and deterioration betwixt Peter pParker and Miles Morales. Unlocking them is 1 thing, but changing betwixt them, and their caller styles, is another. With this guide, you will beryllium capable to alteration your spider style arsenic accelerated arsenic our heroes erstwhile work calls.

How to alteration suits

Peter and Miles connected nan suit surface successful Spider-Man 2.Sony Interactive Entertainment

Once you’ve snagged your first further suit and utilized some Tokens to unlock it, changing betwixt them is simply a breeze. Simply unfastened your menu, spell to nan Suits tab, and item nan 1 you want to wear. If you want to move betwixt Peter and Miles, simply deed L2 or R2 to rhythm betwixt nan Spider-Men since each has their ain unsocial group of suit options. Press X on nan suit you want to deterioration and — bam! — your Spider-Man is now decked retired successful a caller style. However, that’s not all. Many suits person further styles you tin unlock by spending immoderate Tech Parts. These springiness you 3 further colour options for that circumstantial suit to further customize your look.

What suit you deterioration not only impacts your quality successful nan game, but is besides reflected successful cutscenes, truthful prime wisely!

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How to get Hero Tokens successful Spider-Man 2

Miles Morales and Peter Parker guidelines together successful Spider-Man 2.

Is location immoderate uncertainty that Peter Parker and Miles Morales are heroes by nan clip Spider-Man 2 takes place? As goofy arsenic it sounds, you will still request to beryllium your leader position by earning what are known arsenic Hero Tokens. Just for illustration City Tokens, these are much conceptual objects than existent tokens, but are still required for immoderate of nan higher-level upgrades and unlocks for your devices successful nan game. Still, not each heroic action is deemed worthy of getting you Hero Tokens. If you want to cognize each nan activities to cod arsenic galore arsenic you tin successful Spider-Man 2, we've narrowed down your search.
How to get Hero Tokens

There are plentifulness of options for you to get Hero Tokens, but nan astir businesslike are nan Mysteriums. Also known arsenic Mysterium dev diaries, these unlock aft you meet Mysterio successful nan communicative and past they commencement to populate nan map. There are only 10 of these, and they each dwell of clip tests that rank you based connected time. Earning a golden will get you 2 Hero Tokens, while metallic and bronze grant you conscionable one. So agelong arsenic you're a skilled subordinate and tin get a golden clip successful 1 aliases 2 attempts, this is easy nan fastest method to get these tokens. For one, you evidently person to spell accelerated here, but erstwhile you get a gold, you besides get nan rewards for nan 2 ranks below, truthful each Mysterium is really worthy 4 tokens if you tin maestro it.

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How to unfastened Prowler Stashes successful Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man Peter Parker and Miles Morales fighting Kraven and henchmen

The Prowler, aka Miles Morales' uncle, has hung up his hood and retired from his life of crime by nan clip Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Even so, aft a talk pinch Miles, it is revealed that he near rather a fewer stashes of materials astir nan metropolis that, since he is nether location arrest, he can't entree anymore. Rather than fto them spell to waste, you're sent retired to cod these small assets caches to usage for yourself. These are an easy measurement to gain yourself immoderate Rare Tech Parts, but nan Prowler didn't conscionable time off them retired successful nan open. Here is simply a breakdown of really you tin entree Prowler Stashes successful Spider-Man 2.
How to unfastened Prowler Stashes

Once you get into nan area wherever a Prowler Stash is, nan hunt begins. The first measurement is locating nan stash, which is camouflaged, truthful you request to usage your disguise to way it down. By holding down L2, you tin scan nan area and travel nan sounds until you constrictive down nan correct spot. You person to purpose astatine nan correct spot and beryllium adjacent capable to uncover it.

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How to get tech parts successful Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man attacks enemies successful Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Amid each nan different tokens, memories, and photo-ops you request to cod successful Marvel's Spider-Man 2, nan 1 worldly that is some nan astir communal and astir basal is Tech Parts. With nan objection of your abilities, which only require accomplishment points you gain by leveling up, fundamentally everything you tin unlock aliases upgrade successful nan crippled will costs Tech Parts alongside 1 different material. You mightiness deliberation you will ne'er tally debased early connected erstwhile you commencement getting them successful batches of complete 100 astatine a time, but erstwhile you commencement unlocking each nan slick caller suits and styles and gadgets you want to upgrade, you'll recognize conscionable really hopeless you are to get more. Your spider-sense can't thief you pinch this one, truthful present are nan champion ways you tin get Tech Parts successful Spider-Man 2.
Best ways to get Tech Parts

Tech Parts are nan astir basal upgrade constituent successful Spider-Man 2, and nan metropolis is afloat of them. But you're amended disconnected utilizing these methods to get them alternatively than others.

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