How to check your IMEI number on iPhone, Android, or PC

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Every compartment telephone — whether iPhone, Android, aliases plain and elemental dumb telephone — has a unsocial International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number that tin beryllium utilized to place it. This number is exceptionally important, arsenic it tin beryllium utilized for a number of different purposes, from verifying whether a instrumentality has been reported arsenic stolen, to confirming your telephone for trade-in purposes. There are different reasons you mightiness request to cognize your IMEI, and location are a fewer ways you tin get your hands connected it erstwhile needed.

Not judge wherever to find your IMEI number? Not a problem, we've sewage nan guideline for you correct here. Here's really to find your IMEI number connected immoderate compartment phone, whether it's an Android phone, iPhone, aliases dumb phone.

While we're astatine it, we've besides sewage guides connected really to observe your ain telephone number, your Android aliases iPhone's exemplary number, and how to find a mislaid compartment telephone of immoderate type.

Please note: Be judge not to stock your IMEI widely. IMEI numbers tin beryllium utilized to blacklist devices truthful that they don’t work, rendering them useless, truthful it's not difficult to spot really a malicious statement could easy disrupt your phone, aliases moreover clone it for nefarious purposes.

The Motorola Edge Plus 2023 lying adjacent to nan Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro. Joe Maring / Digital Trends

How to find nan IMEI number of immoderate smartphone

There's a speedy and easy measurement to observe your IMEI built into galore compartment phones, and each you request is your telephone dialer.

This method should activity pinch a ample number of phones, and we teted it retired connected a Google Pixel 7 Pro, iPhone 8, and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and it worked each time. However, it's not a foolproof method, and whitethorn not activity for each phone. If you're having issues, make judge you're utilizing your phone's default dialer app (so nary utilizing True Caller aliases akin apps) to participate nan number. Otherwise, cheque further down nan database to effort 1 of nan different methods.

Step 1: To get your IMEI number, dial *#06#. There's nary request to property nan dial key.

Step 2: After you type that codification into your phone’s keypad, you’ll get a pop-up that has your IMEI number and different important telephone information.

Google Pixel 7 Pro opinionated up connected a bench. Joe Maring / Digital Trends

How to find nan IMEI number of an Android phone

On Android phones, you tin find nan IMEI number successful nan Settings menu. The nonstop way whitethorn beryllium different for each Android phone's brand, but successful general, you should beryllium capable to find it location nether nan About phone paper successful Settings.

Step 1: Head to nan Settings app either by opening nan app drawer, aliases by pulling down doubly connected nan notification shadiness and selecting nan cogwheel.

Step 2: Head to About phone. You whitethorn request to scroll down, aliases entree much options for illustration Status aliases Status information. Most phones we tested had nan accusation freely disposable from nan Status surface though.

The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max each lying connected a table. Joe Maring / Digital Trends

How to find nan IMEI number of an iPhone

While nan dialer action worked for america connected an iPhone 8, if it doesn't activity for you past location are different ways to find your IMEI number connected an iPhone.

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > About.

Step 2: Scroll down to find nan IMEI introduction successful nan list. You tin besides touch and clasp nan number to transcript it to nan clipboard and past paste it location else, specified arsenic successful Notes aliases a text.

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How to find nan IMEI number connected your phone's box

If your iPhone aliases Android telephone has been stolen and you forgot to cheque and constitute down nan IMEI number, it’s still imaginable to find it. If you’ve kept nan container your telephone came successful erstwhile you purchased it, you’re successful luck, because it usually displays nan IMEI number connected a sticker connected 1 of its sides.

How to find nan IMEI utilizing Google Find your phone

Any telephone connected to your Google relationship will person its IMEI stored connected your Google account.

Step 1: Visit Google's Find your phone page.

Step 2: Select nan telephone you wish to find nan IMEI of.

Step 3: Click nan "?" successful nan upper-left manus area of nan surface for nan phone's info, including IMEI.

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Apple’s mythical folding iPhone mightiness soon go a reality

Foldable iPhone successful hand.

It looks for illustration Apple is yet shifting its foldable iPhone task into nan adjacent gear. “Apple is building prototypes of astatine slightest 2 iPhones that fold widthwise for illustration a clamshell,” according to a study by The Information that cites an unnamed soul source.
But earlier you get your hopes up, do support successful mind that a clamshell-style foldable iPhone won’t get until 2025 based connected nan earliest estimates. Meanwhile, 3 different insiders confided to nan publication that there's a spot of a snag erstwhile it comes to nan value tag and allure for imaginable buyers.
Apparently, a foldable iPhone would travel pinch a heftier cost, and, successful a crippled twist, Apple is still scratching its caput arsenic it tries to fig retired what magical features could perchance person consumers to unfastened their wallets for this costly novelty.
iPhone 折叠全球首发!「科技美学」iPhoneV first iPhone foldable iPhone fold iPhone flip iPhone folding@KJMX
Maybe a foldable iPhone pinch 2 chopped halves connected nan surface will yet person Apple to let split-screen multitasking. But this is simply a task still successful development, which intends it could meet nan aforesaid destiny arsenic nan never-released AirPower charging mat. The insider root besides hinted that Apple mightiness conscionable scrap nan full endeavor if it fails to unrecorded up to its sky-high value standards.
The study suggests that Apple's business creation squad aimed for nan stars, envisioning a instrumentality truthful slim that it makes nan existent iPhone look almost chunky by comparison. They dreamt of a gadget that, moreover erstwhile folded, wouldn't consciousness for illustration carrying a brick. They reportedly toyed pinch nan thought of outward-facing screens for easy peeks without nan hassle of opening nan device.
Yet, nan mundane reality of pesky components for illustration batteries and screens has somewhat clipped nan wings of these expansive designs. On nan affirmative side, Apple has reportedly approached astatine slightest 1 proviso concatenation partner to root components for nan foldable iPhone project.

Apple is apparently connected a quest to conquer nan infamous folding-screen crease, aspiring to a seamless show that doesn’t pucker up aft a spot of bending. Apple is aft that perfect, level aboveground wherever users tin scribble distant pinch an Apple Pencil without navigating a mini vale successful nan mediate of nan screen.
Achieving that crease-free foldable surface nirvana won’t beryllium an easy task. It took Samsung a fewer merchandise generations earlier it could find a equilibrium betwixt durability and elasticity for nan soul foldable sheet acknowledgment to its ultrathin solid (UTG) tech. Instead of plastic, this solution sides pinch a very bladed furniture of elastic solid and tin now beryllium recovered wrong devices specified arsenic nan Galaxy Z Flip 5.
In 2021, expert Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that nan foldable iPhone could person a astir 8-inch screen, but that doesn’t look to beryllium peculiarly palm-friendly for a clamshell-style foldable. Kuo besides had predicted that a foldable could get by 2023, but that didn’t happen, of course.

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In each that time, Apple has made comparatively fewer important creation changes. The institution tends to instrumentality pinch established designs for 3 aliases 4 years earlier changing things up, which tin sometimes make it difficult to show which iPhone exemplary you person —  particularly if you're getting a secondhand iPhone (with nary container to connection a hint) alternatively than a caller one.

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