How to clear a bounty in Starfield

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Bethesda RPGs are known for letting you play nevertheless you want, and Starfield is nary different. You tin beryllium nan honorable leader who upholds nan law, aliases a cutthroat criminal who does immoderate they please to make immoderate Credits. It's each up to you, but thing you do goes unnoticed. Whether you're intentionally moving astir causing trouble, get caught trying to beryllium sneaky, aliases simply deed a fastener connected mishap that draws nan oculus of nan law, there's bound to beryllium a constituent wherever you get a bounty put connected your head. If you want to get a cleanable slate successful Starfield, you tin ever salary disconnected your bounty yourself to debar immoderate antagonistic consequences. Here's nan due measurement to salary disconnected your debt.

A tutorial connected what crime is successful Starfield. Bethesda Game Studios

How to clear your bounty

Whatever measurement you get a bounty, location are 2 main ways to clear it. If a defender notices your crime, they will instantly extremity you and springiness you nan action to salary nan good and debar jailhouse clip past and there. If not, you will request to spell to a circumstantial spot to cleanable your record. Since going to jailhouse will drain immoderate XP, you evidently don't want to do that if possible.

Step 1: With a bounty, recreation to Akila City.

Step 2: Immediately wrong nan town, you will spot nan Hitching Post building connected your right.

Step 3: In nan backmost correct will beryllium 2 kiosks, 1 of which is called nan Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk.

A stalls describing really to clear a bounty successful Starfield. Bethesda Game Studios

Step 4: Interact pinch it and you will spot immoderate bounty you presently person and nan action to salary it off.

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