How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a PS5

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While nan PS5 does so person Bluetooth built-in, location is small autochthonal support for headphones aliases different audio products; Bluetooth connected nan PS5 has been included chiefly for connecting wireless keyboards and mice, arsenic good arsenic approved Sony products. Don’t fret, though: location is simply a measurement to link your headset to your crippled console, and it’s comparatively easy—assuming you’re consenting to bargain a Bluetooth transmitter.

Once you person nan Bluetooth transmitter, you’re a fewer easy steps distant from connecting Bluetooth headphones to your PS5 . Read connected arsenic we picture nan pairing process successful detail.

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Grab a Bluetooth adapter for your PS5

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The first measurement successful getting your Bluetooth headphones to brace pinch your PS5 is to prime up a USB-A aliases USB-C Bluetooth Audio Transmitter. These mini devices tin beryllium inserted into 1 of your PS5’s USB ports and beryllium utilized to link to outer Bluetooth audio devices.

We urge picking up a USB-A Bluetooth transmitter arsenic nan PS5 offers 3 USB-A ports and only a azygous USB-C port; it is champion to time off nan USB-C larboard free for devices that would return amended advantage of nan precocious speed, powered connection, specified arsenic an outer Solid State Drive (SSD) for storing games erstwhile your soul retention has been maxed.

Nearly immoderate Bluetooth USB transmitter will activity pinch your PS5, but if you would for illustration a circumstantial recommendation, this reliable action from Avantree will activity perfectly; it supports Bluetooth 4.1, which won’t beryllium a problem for Bluetooth audio headsets.

Plug your Bluetooth adapter into your PS5

Begin by plugging your Bluetooth USB-A aliases USB-C transmitter into your PS5. If you went pinch a USB-A type transmitter, you tin plug it into either nan PS5’s front-facing Hi-Speed USB-A larboard aliases 1 of its rear-facing Super-speed (10 Gbps) USB-A ports. If you selected a USB-C type transmitter, you will request to usage nan sole USB Type-C larboard connected nan beforehand of nan device. Once inserted into your PS5, you tin statesman nan pairing process pinch your Bluetooth headphones.

Connect your Bluetooth headphones to your PS5

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Once your Bluetooth transmitter is inserted into your PS5, location are nary further group up processes required to complete connected nan PlayStation; it will automatically admit nan Bluetooth transmitter and hole it for nan system. When you are fresh to brace your Bluetooth headphones pinch nan PS5, travel nan instructions below.

Step 1: Turn connected your Bluetooth headphones, past spot them into pairing mode pursuing your manufacturer’s instructions — you whitethorn request to cheque nan personification manual for details.

Step 2: On nan Bluetooth transmitter, clasp down nan transmitter button until nan LED ray originates flashing, past hold for a moment.

Step 3: Your transmitter will automatically observe your Bluetooth headphones and found a relationship — you are fresh to statesman gaming connected PS5 pinch your favourite headphones!

If nan relationship failed, move disconnected your headphones and effort nan provided instructions again; if you hold excessively agelong betwixt placing some devices into pairing more, nan pairing process whitethorn beryllium halted. Additionally, beryllium judge that your Bluetooth headphones are charged.

How to link Bluetooth headphones to your PS5 without a transmitter

Want to link Bluetooth headphones to your PS5 but bypass nan full Bluetooth transmitter buying process? We person a imaginable solution for you, depending connected your tv model.

Specifically, galore modern TVs person Bluetooth capability, truthful you tin brace your wireless Bluetooth headphones to it to watch—and play—without disturbing those astir you. Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Navigate to nan settings paper connected your TV, and find nan Bluetooth screen. Make judge Bluetooth pairing is enabled

Step 2: Next, alteration pairing mode connected your Bluetooth headphones.

Step 3: Check for your peculiar headphones successful nan database of disposable Bluetooth devices connected your TV, and initiate nan pairing process.

Viola! You should beryllium fresh to commencement gaming connected you PS5 pinch nan sound routed done your Bluetooth headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you link a Bluetooth headset to PS5?

Unfortunately, nan PS5 does not connection autochthonal Bluetooth headphone support. In bid to link a Bluetooth headset to nan PS5, you’ll person to acquisition a USB-A aliases USB-C Bluetooth adapter and link it to 1 of nan disposable ports connected your console. With nan adapter connected and fresh to go, pairing your Bluetooth headphones to your PS5 is simply a elemental process.

  1. Turn connected your Bluetooth headphones, past spot them into pairing mode.
  2. On nan Bluetooth transmitter, clasp down nan transmitter fastener until nan LED ray originates flashing.
  3. Your transmitter will automatically observe your Bluetooth headphones and found a connection.

Why does nan PS5 not support Bluetooth audio?

According to Sony itself, nan PS5 doesn’t support Bluetooth audio because of issues related to “latency capacity and bandwidth.” That said, there’s an easy workaround: simply acquisition a Bluetooth adapter for your PS5. With 1 of these useful devices, pairing your Bluetooth headphones to your PS5 is simply a elemental process.

Can AirPods link to PS5?

Unfortunately, your AirPods won’t link to your PS5 connected their own, since Sony’s console doesn’t connection autochthonal Bluetooth audio support. However, buying a Bluetooth adapter tin lick this problem, and let you to link your AirPods, aliases immoderate different type of Bluetooth headphones, to your PS5.

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