How to control your computer from your phone

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There are plenty of reasons to person a distant power for your computer. Maybe you request a measurement to entree your files from extracurricular your home, aliases you usage a "headless" strategy without a monitor. Or possibly you conscionable don't want to get up to move connected your HTPC and would alternatively your telephone did each that dense lifting for you.

Whatever your reason, you tin entree your PC remotely utilizing a very elemental method. Here's really to do it.

Remotely accessing Chrome desktop connected a smartphone. Daniel Romero / Unsplash

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is 1 of nan quickest and easiest ways to reflector your desktop to your phone, and it gives you afloat control, including sound, too.

Despite "Chrome" successful nan name, nan app can, successful fact, entree thing connected your machine arsenic if you were sitting successful beforehand of it – record browsers, administrator tools, immoderate you want. Google's interface makes it easy to link to your computers, moreover connected mobile networks. Installing nan extension into your desktop's Chrome browser besides lets you entree it from different laptop aliases desktop operating systems.

Step 1: Open nan Chrome browser (or immoderate Chromium-based browser). Make judge you are logged successful to your Google account, past navigate to to nan Chrome Remote Desktop page and prime Access my computer.

Step 2: Select nan bluish fastener pinch nan arrow adjacent to Set up distant access. When it takes you to nan Chrome hold page, prime Add to chrome and work together to Add extension erstwhile nan popup appears.

If necessary, prime nan bluish arrow fastener to download nan Remote Desktop app.

Step 3: Choose your system's sanction and prime nan bluish Next button.

Setting up distant desktop connected Chrome. Jon Martindale / DigitalTrends

Step 4: Add a pin codification that you'll retrieve and prime nan bluish Next button. You should past spot your PC listed nether disposable distant desktops arsenic Online.

Step 5: Grab your smartphone and either instal nan Chrome Remote Desktop exertion and unfastened it, aliases navigate to nan Chrome Remote Desktop page.

Step 6: Select nan sanction of your PC that you want to remotely link to. Then input your pin and prime nan bluish arrow fastener to continue.

Step 7: You should past person distant power of your PC done your phone. You tin now move nan rodent astir by tapping and dragging connected nan screen. Taps will equate to left-clicks, and you tin perceive immoderate sound you person coming done your desktop done your telephone arsenic well.

Alternative ways to distant entree your desktop

While we for illustration Google's Chrome Remote Desktop app for its easiness of usage and compatibility pinch conscionable astir immoderate PC acknowledgment to its web app option, it's not nan only measurement to remotely entree your PC. Here are immoderate bully alternatives worthy considering:

  • Windows Remote Desktop: Long-time Windows users will beryllium acquainted pinch Microsoft's first-party distant desktop solution. While it will only link to Windows machines (and moreover then, only “Professional” versions of Windows aliases better), it's disposable connected Android, iOS, and different platforms. You tin besides usage nan app to entree a Windows Virtual Desktop done a unafraid channel, which whitethorn beryllium useful for walking professionals.
  • TightVNC: The VNC protocol has agelong been a favourite distant entree solution for engineers and powerfulness users – agelong earlier nan emergence of smartphones. The original creation is unfastened source, truthful location are a assortment of clients connected some desktops and smartphones, immoderate paid, immoderate free. The cardinal is uncovering solutions that are elastic and easy to usage successful a assortment of situations. TightVNC useful awesome for Windows users, but Mac users mightiness want to see RealVNC instead.
  • RemoteMouse: RemoteMouse is simply a lightweight app for controlling your PC from afar. In a unsocial twist it lets you usage your phone's gyroscope for motion controls, and you tin usage nan beingness buttons connected your instrumentality to move slides connected a presentation, aliases alteration nan measurement connected your PC. It turns your telephone into a distant ... mouse.
  • Unified Remote: Another celebrated action for remotely controlling your PC, Unified Remote gives you speedy entree to media controls too, which is awesome for adjusting nan settings connected an HTPC. It'll fto you aftermath your PC up utilizing Wake connected Lan too, making it ace useful if you person a HTPC successful different room.

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