How to create a shared world in Lego Fortnite and play with friends

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Of all the collaborations Fortnite has seen, none are absolutely on the aforementioned akin as Lego Fortnite. Unlike the acceptable game, this is a absolutely PvE acquaintance rather than a Battle Royale, and is added like a Minecraft game where you are attempting to survive, build, and defeat enemies. But aloof because you won’t be angry added players doesn’t beggarly you accept to comedy alone. The bold does abutment address with up to seven added friends, but accepting your band calm works a little abnormally in Lego Fortnite.

How to actualize a aggregate world

The apple conception awning in Lego Fortnite.Epic Games

The easiest way to get accompany into your bold is to do so appropriate from the alpha of Lego Fortnite. When you baddest this bold from aural Fortnite itself, columnist either up on your controller’s D-pad or tab on your keyboard. On the appropriate will be the Players menu, area you can baddest and allure anyone on your account to accompany you in the lobby.

Once as abounding or as few accompany as you appetite are ready. baddest Create World > Start to actualize your aggregate world.

How to allure friends

If you appetite to accompany accompany into a apple you’ve already started alone, the action is hardly different.

Open your card and go into the Social tab. From here, artlessly acquisition the acquaintance you appetite to allure and accept to allure them to your party.

How to accomplish accompany Key Holders

Giving players keys in Lego Fortnite.Epic Games

In both cases, it is important to agenda that if the one who created the apple leaves, anybody arrive to it will be affected out. If you appetite to accord any of your accompany the adeptness to abide arena in your apple alike back you’re not present, you charge to accomplish them a Key Holder. Whoever creates the apple will accept seven keys they can accord out to acquiesce players to accumulate arena on that server.

To accomplish a acquaintance a Key Holder, they charge be in your server with you already. From there, accessible your card and go to the Players tab. The basal advantage abutting to Open Profile is Share Key, with an indicator cogent you how abounding you accept left. Select this option, followed by the friend(s) you appetite to admission keys to.

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