How to create multiple user accounts on the Apple Vision Pro

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Given really powerful immoderate of nan Apple Vision Pro’s features are, you mightiness find yourself wanting to stock your headset pinch personification other truthful they tin acquisition each it has to offer. But doing that is easier said than done, and location are a fewer settings you request to alteration if you want to alteration different personification to usage your Vision Pro.

Right now, location are a fewer drawbacks and issues to beryllium alert of. For example, if your impermanent uses glasses, they won’t beryllium capable to deterioration them pinch Apple’s headset -- they’ll either request their ain Zeiss lens inserts aliases will person to deterioration interaction lenses. Setting up a impermanent personification is simply a beautiful fiddly process astatine nan moment, and we’re hoping Apple makes it overmuch much seamless successful nan future.

With that retired of nan way, let’s look astatine really you tin group up aggregate accounts connected a Vision Pro headset. There are 3 different ways to do this, starting pinch mounting up a impermanent personification account, which we’ll commencement pinch below.

Two group talk while 1 wears an Apple Vision Pro headset. Their eyes are visible done nan instrumentality utilizing nan EyeSight feature. Apple

Use a impermanent account

The Vision Pro tin only person 1 main relationship astatine a time, but it lets different group usage it successful a impermanent mode. This is simply a small tricky to group up, but is simply a decent measurement to debar having to motion successful to different accounts.

First, it’s a bully thought to group up different Apple instrumentality arsenic an AirPlay receiver. This streams Vision Pro contented to your 2nd instrumentality truthful that you tin make judge everything is going good for nan different person. It’s not a basal ste, but tin beryllium a bully idea.

Step 1: On your iPhone aliases iPad, unfastened nan Settings app, past spell to General > AirPlay & Handoff and alteration nan toggle adjacent to AirPlay Receiver.

Step 2: Now, move complete to nan Vision Pro. Open Control Center by looking up and selecting nan Down arrow, past selecting nan Guest User fastener (it looks for illustration a caput wrong a dotted circle), past prime View Mirroring and a instrumentality from nan list. This will watercourse nan headset’s contented straight to nan instrumentality that conscionable enabled itself arsenic an AirPlay Receiver. You tin besides determine which apps a impermanent tin usage nether nan Allowed Apps option.

A surface connected nan Apple Vision Pro headset showing nan Guest User set-up process. Apple

Step 3: Still connected nan Vision Pro, prime nan Guest Mode fastener successful Control Center. The headset now gives you 5 minutes to set thing you need, specified arsenic changing nan lens inserts aliases adjusting nan strap connected nan impermanent user’s head.

Step 4: When everything is ready, nan impermanent tin statesman mounting up oculus search for themselves (this has to beryllium done moreover if you’ve group it up for yourself). For this, nan impermanent will request to prime a ringing of glowing lights aft looking astatine them 1 by one. The process is past repeated doubly more. Note that nan impermanent will person to repetition nan eye-tracking setup each clip they return disconnected nan headset and put it backmost on. Once eye-tracking has been group up properly, nan impermanent will beryllium capable to usage your Vision Pro.

A personification watches a spatial video utilizing an Apple Vision Pro headset. Apple

Try Family Sharing

Family Sharing provides entree to nan Vision Pro for up to 5 different family members. It uses 1 main Apple ID, which tin past induce different group to usage nan headset. Apps and subscriptions tin past beryllium utilized and shared betwixt each of nan accounts.

Step 1: On an iPhone, iPad aliases Mac, unfastened nan Settings app, past prime your sanction and take Family Sharing (on nan Mac, you’ll besides request to past prime Set Up Family).

Step 2: Now travel nan on-screen instructions to create a Family Sharing group. You tin adhd family members, determine what contented is shared, alteration aliases disable location sharing, and more.

Step 3: On nan Vision Pro, unfastened nan Settings app and take your sanction astatine nan apical of nan left-hand sidebar, past spell to iCloud > Family Sharing. From here, prime Manage Subscriptions, past prime an Apple subscription to beryllium shared pinch nan family group.

Step 4: You tin besides stock App Store subscriptions utilizing a akin method. In nan Settings app connected your Vision Pro, prime your sanction successful nan left-hand sidebar, past prime Subscriptions. If you want to stock each early subscriptions, alteration Share pinch Family. If you alternatively conscionable want to negociate a circumstantial subscription, prime it, past alteration aliases disable Share pinch Family for that subscription. If nan Share pinch Family action isn’t available, it intends that that subscription cannot beryllium shared.

A personification tilts their caput while wearing nan Apple Vision Pro. A personification tilts their caput while wearing nan Apple Vision Pro. Apple

Switch to a different Apple ID

You tin only beryllium signed successful utilizing 1 Apple ID relationship astatine a clip connected nan Vision Pro, but signing retired of 1 relationship and into different intends you tin person a abstracted personification pinch their ain apps and settings. It’s cumbersome, but intends you don’t request to support mounting up eye-tracking for a impermanent user.

Be alert that children nether nan property of 13 cannot motion successful to nan Vision Pro utilizing their Apple ID, truthful you’ll person to group up a impermanent relationship for them aliases usage Family Sharing instead.

Step 1: Open nan Settings app connected nan Vision Pro, past prime your sanction astatine nan apical of nan left-hand sidebar. Scroll down, past motion retired of your main Apple ID account.

Step 2: Now, motion successful utilizing a different Apple ID by entering nan caller account’s email reside and password.

Step 3: If you person problems pinch nan Vision Pro App Store (for example, your caller account’s apps aren’t appearing), you mightiness request to motion successful pinch your 2nd Apple ID separately connected nan App Store. To do so, simply unfastened nan App Store app, motion retired of your account, past motion successful pinch nan caller one.

Sharing a Vision Pro pinch different group is simply a reasonably convoluted process, and it’s thing Apple needs to amended successful early package updates. But it tin beryllium done, and location are a assortment of ways to do it. The 1 you prime will dangle connected your setup and really you want to usage nan headset pinch different people.

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