How to deactivate your Instagram account (or delete it)

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If you’re getting a spot tired of Instagram, you mightiness want to see deactivating your account. With Instagram, you person 2 choices: You tin study really to deactivate your account, aliases you tin delete it completely. We’ll reappraisal some options, truthful you tin determine if you’d alternatively return a break aliases trim ties pinch Instagram forever. Just beryllium cautious, arsenic deleting your Instagram relationship removes each of your contented permanently, and you won’t beryllium capable to get it back.

Temporarily deactivate your Instagram account

By temporarily disabling your Instagram account, your profile, on pinch its photos, likes, and comments, will beryllium hidden and they'll enactment hidden until you log backmost successful to reactivate your account. Disabling your relationship is simply a cleanable measurement to return a spot of a picnic from Instagram. Another action to see is simply muting a fewer friends, if that’s your main logic for disabling your account.

The pursuing instructions only activity for Instagram accounts that do not usage a Facebook relationship to log in. If you want to disable your Instagram relationship but your relationship uses Facebook to log in, you'll request to remove your Facebook relationship from your Instagram account and past reset your Instagram account's password. To do this successfully, you'll request to person entree to nan email relationship that is associated pinch your Instagram account. Once your Facebook relationship is unlinked from your Instagram relationship and you person reset your password for your Instagram account, you tin usage nan pursuing instructions to temporarily disable your Instagram account.

Note: The instructions beneath bespeak nan champion disposable method for deactivating Instagram based connected Instagram's latest type of its personification interface. However, nan steps beneath whitethorn not activity each of nan clip aliases for everyone. In fact, while we were capable to corroborate nan steps below, it is still unclear if this method really deactivates an Instagram relationship aliases if it simply logs you out. And Instagram's ain Help Center article connected nan matter moreover says that this method whitethorn not activity "at this time."

Here's really to deactivate your Instagram account:

Step 1: Visit utilizing a web browser.

If not already logged in, log successful to your Instagram account.

Step 2: From nan near broadside menu, take nan Profile option.

Selecting Profile past Edit floor plan connected nan Instagram website. screenshot

Step 3: At nan apical of nan page, click nan Edit profile button.

Step 4: Select See much successful Accounts Center.

Selecting See much successful Account Center connected nan Instagram website. screenshot

Step 5: On nan Accounts Center page, prime Personal details. Then take Account ownership and control.

Deactivating an Instagram relationship via nan Accounts Center. screenshot

Step 6: From nan paper that appears, take Deactivation aliases deletion. Then prime nan relationship you want to deactivate.

Step 7: On nan adjacent screen, take Deactivate account. Then scroll down to prime nan Continue button. You'll past beryllium prompted to participate your relationship password.

Selecting nan Deactivate relationship option. screenshot

Step 8: Now take a logic for deactivating your Instagram relationship from nan database of reasons provided. Then prime Continue.

Step 9: Select nan Deactivate account fastener to corroborate nan deactivation of your Instagram account.

Confirming Instagram relationship deactivation. screenshot

Step 10: The supra steps tin activity for anyone arsenic agelong arsenic they person a PC, an net connection, and a web browser.

The Instagram mobile app tin fto users disable their accounts, and it uses a akin Accounts Center method for illustration steps 1-9. Both nan Android and iOS type of Instagram whitethorn alteration somewhat successful their methods, but nan pursuing steps should still mostly use to some platforms.

Open nan Instagram mobile app and then:

Select your Profile image (bottom correct of screen) > Select nan Three horizontal lines menu icon > Settings and privacy > Select Accounts Center > Personal details >Select Account ownership and control > Deactivation aliases deletion .

Then prime nan relationship you want to deactivate. Choose Deactivate account > Continue. Type successful your password erstwhile prompted past prime Continue. Choose your logic for deactivating > Continue.

You tin group an automatic reactivation action aliases prime Don't reactivate automatically from nan driblet down menu. Select Continue. Finally, corroborate your relationship deactivation by selecting Deactivate account.

Permanently delete your Instagram account

If you cognize that you decidedly won’t beryllium coming backmost to Instagram, you tin permanently delete your account. It is captious to statement that deleting your relationship will region your profile, photos, videos, comments, likes, and followers. There is nary measurement to retrieve them erstwhile nan process has been completed. Additionally, you won’t beryllium capable to usage that aforesaid username again if a caller personification ends up taking it earlier you determine to motion up pinch it again.

According to Instagram's thief guide location are 2 ways to delete your account: You tin either travel nan steps we already outlined successful nan deactivation conception supra and conscionable take nan "delete account" action alternatively of "deactivate" erstwhile asked, aliases you tin travel nan replacement method we've outlined below.

If you are affirmative that you want to delete your account, travel these steps:

Step 1: Visit nan Instagram Delete Your Account page. If not already logged in, log successful to your Instagram account.

Step 2: Next to Why do you want to delete [your username]?, prime an action from nan drop-down box.

Step 3: Enter your Instagram password to confirm.


Step 4: Click Delete [Your Username].

By pursuing nan supra process, you will person submitted a deletion petition to nan Instagram team. After 30 days, Instagram will permanently delete your relationship and each information. Instagram notes that it whitethorn return up to 90 days for nan process to complete.

Step 5: As pinch disabling an account, you tin besides delete your relationship via nan Instagram mobile app.

Here's really to do it connected iOS: Select your Profile icon > nan Three horizontal lines menu icon > Settings and privacy > Account > Delete account > Delete account > Continue deleting account. Then reply nan on-screen prompts.

Then prime Delete [your username] > OK.

Here's really to do it connected Android: Select your Profile icon > nan Three horizontal lines menu icon > Settings and privacy > Accounts Center > Personal details > Account ownership and control > Deactivation aliases deletion.

Then prime nan relationship you want to delete. Choose Delete account > Continue. Choose a logic for deleting > Continue. Enter your password > Continue. Then prime Delete account to corroborate your relationship deletion.

It's besides worthy noting that, according to Instagram's thief guide, nan instructions for Android tin besides activity for iOS. Some of nan steps whitethorn alteration somewhat though.

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