How to delete a page in Word in 3 easy steps

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Blank pages successful a archive tin make an unprofessional belief connected editors aliases imaginable employers. Microsoft Word is known to create blank pages successful a document, truthful you should make judge to delete them whenever possible. Lucky for you, we tin show you really to delete a page in Word successful conscionable a fewer steps. Should you besides request to delete a page that has matter and graphics, our guideline includes instructions for that arsenic well.

How to delete a page successful Word

Step 1: Select nan page you want to delete. Either scroll to nan page aliases usage nan Go To usability (Ctrl + G successful Windows, Option + CMD + G successful macOS).

When you’ve recovered nan page, click aliases pat anyplace connected it to prime it.

Step 2: Select nan full page, not conscionable immoderate of its content.

Step 3: Delete nan page. Double-check that you’ve selected nan entirety of nan page you want to delete, and past property nan Delete key.

How to region a blank page successful Word

Step 1: To find nan blank page(s), unfastened up nan Navigation pane. You tin do truthful by selecting View from nan apical paper and making judge that nan Navigation pane container is ticked. That should unfastened up a caller file connected nan left-hand side, showing each nan pages successful your document. If it doesn’t, make judge to prime nan Pages tab successful it.

Blank pages successful a Word document. screenshot / Digital Trends

Step 2: Scroll done nan database to find nan blank page(s) you want to delete. Pick 1 and double click aliases prime it to jump consecutive to it.

Step 3: Hold Ctrl + Shift + 8 connected Windows aliases Command + 8 if you’re utilizing a Mac to make nan paragraph markers visible.

Step 4: Select nan paragraph markers by clicking and dragging, aliases usage nan arrow keys and clasp down nan Shift key. You tin destruct nan paragraph markers by pressing nan Delete key, but this will besides adjacent retired nan blank page altogether.

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