How to delete apps on an Apple TV

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Apple TV is easy 1 of nan best streaming devices you tin get, hands down. It's a gateway to each your streaming services for illustration Netflix and Disney+, and it tin beryllium utilized for gaming, fitness, music streaming, and different nosy and adjuvant apps. But therein lies nan problem — there's almost excessively overmuch to do pinch nan Apple TV, truthful overmuch truthful that complete time, your device's location surface tin get beautiful crowded pinch apps.

The bully news is that you tin cleanable things up beautiful easily, either by offloading apps you don't use, but want to support successful nan background, aliases giving nan ax to apps that you're conscionable done with. Here's really to delete apps connected Apple TV.

The app location surface connected an Apple TV. Derek Malcolm / Digital Trends

How do I delete an app connected Apple TV?

It's clip to cull your app herd, and it's easy to do. But don't worry, you canc immoderate apps you delete without needing to acquisition them again, but support successful mind that deleting an app will besides region its data, which whitethorn not beryllium recovered.

Certain apps, for illustration Apple’s ain autochthonal apps specified arsenic Podcasts, Fitness, aliases Apple Music, can't beryllium deleted astatine all, but tin beryllium moved into folders to shape things amended aliases support them retired of sight. But first, here's really to delete an app from your Apple TV.

Step 1: From your Apple TV's Home Screen, scroll complete aliases down to find nan app that you want to uninstall, and hover complete it pinch your distant cursor.

Step 2: Press and clasp down nan remote's Select fastener for a mates of seconds until a paper appears. On newer Siri remotes, that fastener is nan halfway of nan clickpad astatine nan apical of nan remote. On older Siri remotes, you’ll want to property down connected nan mediate of nan touch aboveground without moving.

How to delete apps from Apple TV. Derek Malcolm / Digital Trends

Step 3: The paper will springiness you options to Edit Home Screen, allowing you to move nan app icon to different location; Move to..., which lets you create a caller files to group akin apps successful (just for illustration connected your iPhone) aliases move nan app to an existing folder; and finally, Delete App, which is why you've travel here.

Step 4: Choose Delete from nan caller paper and you'll person nan action to delete nan app aliases Offload nan app (you tin nary longer hide apps connected Apple TV via nan Settings menus. Offloading apps keeps nan icon connected your device, but efficaciously removes nan app). Select Delete and nan app is gone.

How to delete apps from Apple TV. Derek Malcolm / Digital Trends

Additionally, if you are utilizing aggregate Apple TVs connected different screens, you’ll want to spell to nan Users and Accounts conception successful Settings, take your profile, and alteration nan action One Home Screen. This will sync up immoderate changes that you make to apps and your Home Screen connected 1 instrumentality to each your different tvOS devices, truthful you don’t person to repetition nan steps.

One last statement — you tin move betwixt ray and acheronian modes connected Apple TV utilizing nan Appearance action successful nan General conception of Settings. This whitethorn make navigation easier, aliases could thief you find nan apps you are looking for much quickly. You tin besides usage automatic mode, which switches to acheronian mode astatine night.

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