How to download a Windows 11 23H2 ISO from Microsoft

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Windows 11

Microsoft released Windows 11 23H2, nan Windows 11 2023 Update, today, and you tin now download an ISO image for nan caller type to put speech for emergencies aliases cleanable installs.

Windows 11 23H2 was expected to beryllium a feature-rich update, but each of nan expected features were already released arsenic portion of a recent Windows 11 22H2 'Moment 4' update.

These caller features are besides disposable successful the newly released Windows 11 23H2, which tin now beryllium installed via Windows Update arsenic a mini enablement package.

However, if you scheme connected upgrading to nan caller type of Windows 11, it is recommended to download an ISO to troubleshoot problems aliases execute cleanable installs of Windows.

Why Windows ISO images are important

An ISO image is simply a sector-by-sector transcript of a DVD stored successful a azygous file. As this record is simply a replica of nan original media, it tin past beryllium written (burned) to different DVD aliases USB cardinal successful nan nonstop aforesaid measurement it was created, making it very useful for installation media.

Using ISOs allows you to create backups of DVD and bootable media successful nan arena that you suffer nan original media and request to recreate it.

ISO images tin besides be mounted arsenic a thrust missive successful Windows by double-clicking connected nan record aliases extracted by programs like 7-Zip to entree nan files wrong them.

ISO images are commonly utilized to are peculiarly useful for performing "clean" installations of Windows, which is simply a caller instal of nan operating strategy without immoderate of your antecedently installed programs, data, aliases configuration settings.

Finally, ISO images tin beryllium utilized to create bootable USB drives that tin beryllium utilized to entree nan Windows Recovery Environment if Windows does not footwear properly, diagnose crashes, aliases region a peculiarly stubborn malware infection.

Windows 11 betterment environmentWindows 11 betterment environment

Due to this, it is recommended that each users download nan latest Windows 11 ISO arsenic caller characteristic updates are released.

How to download a Windows 11 23H2 ISO from Microsoft

Microsoft allows you to get a Windows 11 23H2 ISO using 2 methods that are some bully useful connected what you need.

Method 1: Manually download nan Windows 11 23H2 ISO

The first method is simply to spell to Microsoft's Download Windows 11 page, scroll down to nan bottommost of nan page, and manually download nan offered ISO file.

At this time, nan Windows 11 23H2 ISO is 6.7 GB, which whitethorn return immoderate clip to download.

Once downloaded you tin past double-click connected nan ISO to equine it arsenic a thrust missive successful Windows aliases pain it to a DVD that tin support nan 6.7 GB record size.

Windows 10 and later includes nan expertise to right-click connected nan ISO and prime Burn Image to pain nan media to a DVD.

Windows 10 Burn Image promptWindows 10 Burn Image prompt
Source: BleepingComputer

Option 2: Use nan Windows 11 Media Creation Tool

The second, and apt nan astir straightforward method, is to usage nan Media Creation Tool (MCT) to create nan ISO.

However, this takes longer arsenic nan instrumentality needs to download files and person them into an ISO.

To download nan Windows 11 23H2 ISO utilizing nan Media Creation Tool, please travel these steps:

  1. Visit nan Windows 11 download page utilizing your web browser.
  2. Under 'Create Windows 11 installation media,' click connected nan 'Download instrumentality now' nexus and prevention nan offered 'Windows11InstallationAssistant.exe' executable.
  3. Once downloaded, tally nan Windows11InstallationAssistant.exe, and Windows will prompt you for support to let it to run. Click Yes, and nan Media Creation Tool will hole a fewer things earlier it tin proceed.
  4. When done, nan MCT will show you a licence agreement. To continue, click connected the Accept button.

     Getting things ready

  5. The instrumentality will now authorities it is 'Getting a fewer things ready,' and erstwhile done, inquire you what connection and Windows 11 version you would for illustration to download. BleepingComputer suggests you time off nan recommended settings and click connected nan Next button.

    What do you want to do?

  6. You will now beryllium prompted to prime nan media you wish to create bootable Windows 11 installation media.

    On astir modern computers, it will beryllium easier to pain nan ISO to a bootable USB thrust that tin beryllium utilized to footwear your computer. You are besides offered nan action to create and download an ISO to beryllium burned later.

    Select media to pain ISO

    After selecting nan media you wish to use, click connected nan Next button.
  7. If you selected nan USB bootable media option, you will now beryllium asked to prime nan USB thrust to use. If you selected to create an ISO file, you will beryllium prompted for a files and filename to prevention nan ISO.

    When done, property nan Next button.

  8. The Media Creation Tool will now download and verify nan basal files to create an ISO aliases a bootable USB drive. This process tin return immoderate time, truthful please beryllium patient.

    Downloading Windows 11 files

  9. When done, nan MCT will show a connection stating that nan ISO has been downloaded aliases nan bootable USB media has been created.

    When done, click nan Finish button to adjacent nan programme and cleanable up nan downloaded files.

    Media Creation Tool finished

You will now person nan latest Windows 11 23H2 ISO image record saved to nan selected files aliases created into bootable USB media, which tin beryllium utilized to execute a cleanable instal aliases footwear virtual machines.