How to factory reset the Meta Quest 3

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As pinch consoles, PCs, and different tech devices, you whitethorn occasionally find a logic to mill reset your Meta Quest 3. Whether you're trading your headset aliases simply wanting to get a caller start, you'll want to beryllium judge your information is afloat cleared from its memory. In this guide, we'll explicate 2 methods you tin usage to mill reset your Quest 3

Note: Performing a mill reset connected your Quest 3 won't delete nan games you've purchased aliases make immoderate changes to your Meta account. It will, however, erase each of nan games you person downloaded connected nan headset itself, meaning you'll besides suffer entree to immoderate prevention information that isn't stored successful a cloud. Proceed pinch be aware and beryllium definite you're fresh to swipe nan headset earlier continuing.

Lens connected nan Meta Quest 3 headset. Fionna Agomuoh / Digital Trends

How to mill reset Quest 3 utilizing nan headset 

The simplest measurement to reset your Quest 3 headset is to do it connected nan instrumentality itself. It doesn't require a mobile instrumentality aliases navigating done immoderate analyzable settings.

Step 1: Make judge your Quest 3 is turned disconnected earlier beginning.

Step 2: Hold down nan power and volume (-) fastener connected your headset astatine nan aforesaid clip until you announcement nan footwear surface lhas loaded.

Hands pressing nan measurement and powerfulness fastener to reset nan Quest 3. Meta

Step 3: Using nan measurement buttons connected your headset, navigate to Factory Reset, then press nan powerfulness button.

Step 4: Using nan measurement buttons connected your headset, navigate to Yes  and property the power fastener erstwhile much to statesman nan mill reset.

The mill reset punctual adjacent to personification pushing nan measurement and powerfulness buttons. Meta

How to mill reset Quest 3 utilizing a phone

Step 1: Enter nan Meta Quest app utilizing your mobile device.

Step 2: Tap connected Menu, past prime Devices.

Step 3: Select your headset from nan listed devices.

Step 4: Choose Headset Settings, past pat connected Advanced Settings.

The mill reset settings connected a telephone surface for nan Quest 3. Meta

Step 5: Select Factory Reset, past choose *Reset *to statesman nan mill reset.

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