How to find a Wi-Fi password on Mac

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Need to reappraisal your Wi-Fi password connected a Mac? It happens to each of us. Sometimes you request to cheque up on a Wi-Fi password to stock it pinch a friend, aliases you want to make judge that your information habits are up to modular pinch a beardown password. With today’s plentiful autofill logins, it whitethorn person been a agelong clip since you moreover thought astir your Wi-Fi login info, aliases you whitethorn request to retrieve a past Wi-Fi password you utilized astatine a definite location but cannot retrieve correct now.

Don’t interest – moreover if you don’t retrieve your password aliases aren’t rather judge wherever you wrote it down, you tin still find it utilizing macOS. There are moreover easy shortcuts to make nan process little tedious.

Find your Wi-Fi password utilizing macOS Keychain Access

Macs person a useful app called Keychain Access, which helps safely shop nan passwords that you’ve been utilizing connected macOS for a infinitesimal conscionable for illustration this. The easiest measurement to find your Wi-Fi password is to cheque Keychain Access and spot what it has to say. Here’s really to find and navigate this app.

Step 1: Select nan Magnifying glass successful nan apical correct of your macOS location surface to unfastened up Spotlight search. Type successful “keychain,” and nan action to take Keychain Access should appear. Select it. You tin besides usage nan keyboard shortcut Command + Space to bring up Spotlight search.

Search Spotlight for Keychain Access. Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Step 2: When nan Keychain Access app opens, look astatine nan paper connected nan near side. Check that you are successful nan System section. Now cheque nan tabs connected nan top, and prime Passwords to continue.

Step 3: You should now spot a database of nan passwords your strategy has accumulated complete time, chiefly Wi-Fi networks it has connected pinch successful nan past. Keep successful mind that this database is synced up pinch your different Apple devices for illustration your iPhone, truthful there’s a bully chance that you’ll spot a full batch of Wi-Fi web passwords here, including those from your friends’ homes, your favourite cafes, caller business trips, and truthful on

Finding Your Wi-Fi successful Keychain Access. Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Step 4: Locate nan Wi-Fi web you person successful mind. If you don’t rather retrieve nan afloat sanction of your existent Wi-Fi network, you tin hop complete to nan Wi-Fi signal icon successful nan upper-right area of your macOS surface and prime it to spot what you are presently connected to. You tin besides spot nan day for nan past clip nan Wi-Fi login was modified. Select nan web you want.

As a shortcut, you tin usage nan Keychain Access hunt barroom successful nan precocious correct area to find for nan Wi-Fi web successful question. If aggregate networks show up successful your search, particularly if you're looking up your location Wi-Fi network, you mightiness person nan champion luck selecting nan 1 nether Local Items *as its Keychain, alternatively than *System. However, either action should work.

Step 5: A caller model will open, showing nan specifications of this Wi-Fi network. Look astatine nan bottommost of nan window, and you’ll spot an action to Show password. Check this to alteration nan function.

Show Password successful Keychain Access. Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Step 6: You'll now request to participate your administrator login password to spot nan Wi-Fi password. If this is your individual Mac, this shouldn’t beryllium a problem — your normal login should work. If you don’t person admin access, you won’t beryllium capable to spot nan password, truthful this method won’t activity pinch activity devices.

Step 7: With admin entree granted, you’ll now spot nan Wi-Fi password for nan web you chose. Note that this model besides allows you to alteration nan password to what you want and prime Save changes afterward. This is useful if you want to improve nan information of your Wi-Fi account, aliases if 1 of your favourite haunts precocious changed their Wi-Fi and you want to make judge your Apple devices enactment existent to log successful automatically.

Remember, if you usage a Wi-Fi app to negociate your router, you will besides beryllium capable to find your individual Wi-Fi password there. If you want an replacement to Keychain Access that will support your passwords safe, you whitethorn want to take a password manager to thief you support way of everything.

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