How to get every ending in Lords of the Fallen

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While you technically could get done a crippled for illustration Lords of nan Fallen bare-handed and wearing nary armor, astir group will person a acold amended acquisition utilizing existent weapons and armor. Weapons successful peculiar are cardinal to soulslikes since nan limb you want, aliases astatine slightest nan type, is cardinal to really you will want to build your characteristic and administer your stats. Just for illustration a FromSoftware game, each limb has different stat requirements and scaling grades that make immoderate objectively amended than others. While it isn't terribly difficult to comparison nan weapons you find, Lords of nan Fallen gets crazy pinch conscionable really galore different weapons location are crossed each nan different types. Rather than build utilizing nan incorrect stats for a limb that will beryllium outclassed, present are immoderate of nan champion weapons successful Lords of nan Fallen for immoderate build.
The champion weapons successful Lords of nan Fallen

With hundreds of weapons crossed each nan different types, we've narrowed our database down to immoderate of nan champion that screen each nan awesome builds you would see running.
Pieta's Sword
Swords are going to beryllium 1 of nan astir celebrated limb types successful this game. Not only are they benignant of nan default limb for soulslikes, but Lords of nan Fallen has an almost overwhelming number of them to prime from. This shortsword tin beryllium purchased reasonably easy from Molhu astatine nan Remembrance of Pieta for 40 Umbral Scourings. This is simply a leader limb that comes from nary different than Pieta herself and is 1 of nan champion zoning swords successful nan game. It is made for Radiance builds, and comes pinch nan Smite position effect of 100. You request your Radiance stat to beryllium 25 aliases higher to wield it, and it scales starting astatine a C and ends astatine an A- rank pinch that aforesaid stat aft upgrades.
Hallowed Praise
To propulsion a 2nd short beard into nan operation for consideration, we move to different early-game option. Unlike nan past pick, this beard is much accepted and useful champion for agility-focused builds, but pinch nan added effect of 80 Bleed connected each deed for immoderate spice. You only request 12 Agility to equip it, again making it awesome early on, and it scales starting astatine C, but tin spell up to A pinch Agility.
Despite nan name, Bloodlust really isn't arsenic focused connected Bleed arsenic Hallowed Praise. That said, it has some 60 Bleed and Burn harm connected hit. What pushes this to a top-tier sword, though, is nan typical effect of restoring a mini magnitude of HP for each kill. You'll request to build to astatine slightest level 3 successful some Agility and Inferno to usage it, but it's much than worthy it. Bloodlust scales pinch some Agility and Inferno, starting astatine a C successful some and ending astatine an A-.
Hushed Saint's Halberd
Polearms are a much niche choice, but those who cognize really to grip them are almost untouchable. The Hushed Saint's Halberd is different limb you should prevention up to bargain from Molhu for 20 Umbral Scourings if you are going for a Strength and Agility build. It admittedly doesn't standard arsenic precocious arsenic different weapons connected this list, but it does travel pinch an insane 150 Poison effect that tin easy dress up for nan deficiency of earthy damage. You'll request a decent 19 Strength and 16 Agility to make usage of it, and its dual scaling for those stats starts astatine C and D, but useful up to B+ and C+, respectively.
Iron Wayfarer's Hammer
Another leader limb that you tin claim, this clip by beating nan Iron Wayfarer, is that character's hammer. If you are thing for illustration us, seeing really deftly this leader utilized it against you will animate you to effort it retired for yourself, and boy is it worthy it. If you're utilizing a Strength build, this could beryllium nan past limb you ever need. It will return a immense 31 Strength to moreover hold, but this is simply a powerhouse. Despite scaling pinch Strength, Agility, Radiance, and Inferno, you really only request to salary attraction to Strength. It starts astatine a B- but turns into an S by nan clip you deed +9 pinch it, while each different characteristics only spell from E to D astatine best.
Charm of Fortune's Sight
We haven't forgotten you mage builds retired there! Sure, catalysts aren't technically "weapons" successful nan strict definition, but they service fundamentally nan aforesaid intent for spellcasters. Again, salary a sojourn to everyone's favourite vendor Molhu successful Skyrest to bargain it disconnected him. What's truthful typical astir this catalyst successful peculiar is that it lets you usage 4 different spell types astatine once, successful summation to boosting their power. You will request to beryllium a spot of a mixed build arsenic it requires 12 Radiance and Inferno, which are nan 2 stats it scales pinch arsenic well. To start, you get C- scaling successful both, but extremity up pinch B erstwhile astatine +9.
Bow of nan Convert
Spellcasters mightiness beryllium a mini percent of players, but archers are moreover little popular. However, they're a wholly viable build successful Lords of nan Fallen, particularly pinch nan Bow of nan Convert. Just looking astatine nan stats, it mightiness not look each that special, but it has an 80 successful Bleed, Burn, Poison, and Frostbite. If you adhd connected elemental arrows, you're apt to deed an unsuspecting force pinch 4 aliases 5 position effects successful a azygous shot. You only request 16 Agility to equip this bow, and nan scaling isn't moreover that bad erstwhile you upgrade it. It starts astatine a C and ends astatine a B+.