How to get Obsidian in Lego Fortnite

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Obsidian is almost arsenic uncommon a assets successful Lego Fortnite as it is successful existent life. This black, razor-sharp worldly tin only beryllium recovered successful nan astir vulnerable environments. That intends knowing wherever to find it is only portion of nan trouble. The existent trial will beryllium successful preparing yourself to past nan trip. You’ll besides request nan devices basal to cod it. If you’re fresh to look nan heat, here’s really to get Obsidian successful Lego Fortnite.

Where to find Obsidian

Obsidian wrong a lego fortnite cave.Epic Games

Obsidian is an ore, truthful if your first small heart was to look for Obsidian wrong of caves, past you’re connected nan correct track. Unlike something for illustration Marble, however, Obsidian isn’t arsenic communal aliases successful arsenic easy to scope places. Obsidian will beryllium recovered heavy into caves adjacent lava, but only caves recovered successful a godforsaken biome will person lava inside.

Once you’ve recovered a godforsaken cave, you will want to banal up connected an point that gives you immoderate power guidance since, if it wasn’t obvious, lava is rather hot. Get to spelunking, fresh to conflict immoderate mobs connected nan way, until you scope a lava deposit. This is wherever you tin find Obsidian (pictured above), which tin often beryllium precocious up connected nan walls. You request astatine slightest a Rare Pickaxe to successfully excavation it, truthful you won’t beryllium capable to get it correct away. Focus connected collecting basal rocks first to build toward nabbing a amended pickaxe.

Once you person your tool, cod your haul — but don’t get greedy — and make your flight pinch nan goods.

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Head into nan constabulary position earlier nan extremity of Return 3 and spell into nan worker lounge. Note: This commercialized is missable if you do not get it earlier nan extremity of Return 3.
This TV is successful nan Oh Deer Diner up connected nan near wall.
The TV successful nan lobby of nan Lederwood Palace Lodge can't beryllium missed.
When you scope nan Nursery Home, spell into nan rec room to watch this TV.
The only TV successful Coffee World is successful nan Lighthouse Trailer parkland wrong nan first trailer you walk connected nan left.
The last commercialized icomes during nan last series of Saga's campaign. Once you commencement Return 8, spell backmost to nan Oh Deer Diner for nan past one.

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