How to get planks in Lego Fortnite

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Collecting assets and architecture isn’t a adopted abstraction to Fortnite players. A above allotment of the game, unless you’re in aught build, is smacking trees, walls, rocks, and basically aggregate with your pickaxe to get abstracts to body basal walls and structures to accord you an bend in battle. Lego Fortnite has its own crafting and architecture system, but doesn’t assignment in absolutely the aforementioned way. Planks in accurate are the best capital architecture actual in the game, but you can’t get them by artlessly whacking a tree. Here’s a quick briefing on how to aggregate planks to build your dream apple in Lego Fortnite.

How to get planks in Lego Fortnite

A crafting card for planks in Lego Fortnite.Epic Games

Planks crave two things to make: the aboriginal actuality wood. Wood is about as accepted a ability as can be in Lego Fortnite. You can aggregate it by artlessly avaricious sticks laying about the world, or by chopping bottomward copse with an ax to get a massive aggregate in one shot. Once you accept it, the abutting footfall is to about-face that raw actual into article usable.

To accomplish copse into planks, you charge to body yourself a Lumber Mill, which can be fabricated by selecting it from the Stations section of your Build Menu with 15 granite and 8 wood. Place your new anatomy bottomward about convenient, such as beneath some array of roof because it cannot run if it is in the rain uncovered.

Finally, to accomplish your planks. you artlessly collaborate with your Lumber Mill, accept the Planks recipe, and alpha inputting your raw wood. Each allotment of copse translates 1 to 1 for planks. After a few seconds, booty the achievement of planks and you’re acceptable to go!

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The best places to acreage in Fortnite
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