How to get to Grate Guy’s Casino in Super Mario RPG

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Like abounding role-playing games, Super Mario RPG appearance affluence of fun secrets to acquisition as you adventure through its world. One of these secrets is the Grate Guy’s Casino, which will crave you to do some jumping in a actual specific abode to alleviate an abundantly well-hidden passage. If you’re attractive to comedy the slots or bang aback with some Blackjack, we’ll acquaint you how to acquisition your way to this cool abstruse spot.

How to get to Grate Guy’s Casino

There are two accomplish appropriate to ability the Grate Guy Casino.

Get the Bright Card

The aboriginal footfall to extensive Grate Guy’s Casino is accepting the Bright Card, as you’ll be clumsy to access after it. To acquisition this item, accomplish your way to Booster’s Tower. As you arise the tower, you’ll eventually appear above a bamboozlement appearance called Knife Guy, who will claiming you to a bold that requires you to aces which duke he’s captivation a chicken affray in afterwards he finishes juggling. You’ll charge to win twelve times in a row afore he’ll eventually accolade you with the Bright Card. It’s adequately accessible to amount out which duke the chicken affray has landed by artlessly watching which administration it was affective back the bamboozlement stops, so it shouldn’t affectation too abundant of an issue.

Find the abstruse entrance

With the Bright Card in hand, your ambition is now to acquisition Grate Guy’s Casino. To do so, you’ll charge to arch over to Bean Valley and airing to the centermost of this across to acquisition a accumulating of pipes that you can go bottomward to ability assorted underground sections. Go bottomward the northernmost aqueduct and appoint the Chain Chomp actuality in battle. Afterward, you’ll charge to jump three times in the bend area the Chain Chomp was afore you defeated it, which will acknowledge an abnormally well-hidden block that you can jump to that will acquiesce you to ability the top of the wall. Head through the avenue here.

Secret belvedere in Bean Valley undergroundNintendo

When you appear on the added side, go into the abode and access the two doormen. They won’t let you canyon after the Bright Card, but back you’ve begin it already, you’ll be chargeless to canyon through into the casino. Inside, you’ll acquisition three amateur you can play: Slots, Blackjack, and a academic bold that requires you to attending in the adverse administration that the being points. Compete in any of these as abounding times as you’d like and accept fun!

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