How to insert a checkbox in Word

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If you accept a agitation account you'd like to put together, you should apperceive that you can use Microsoft Word to actualize one. In fact, you can alike actualize lists in Word with checkboxes that can be arrested electronically. And abacus checkboxes to a Word certificate isn't as difficult as you ability think. In this guide, we'll appearance you footfall by footfall how to admit a checkbox in Word. We'll aboriginal appearance you how to accredit the checkbox affection and again how to admit one.

Display the Developer tab to accredit the checkbox affection (for Windows)

Before you can alike add a checkbox to your list, you accept to accredit the checkbox affection (and the tab card it's housed within). In this case, the checkbox affection is amid aural the Developer tab, which is a card that isn't apparent by default. You accept to accredit that card first. Here's how:

Step 1: Select the File tab in the top-left bend and again accept Options in the bottom-left bend of the abutting screen. (You may charge to baddest More afore you can see Options).

Step 2: Select Customize ribbon.

Step 3: On the Word options screen, there are two columns. Look at the cavalcade on the right. Under that column's drop-down menu, the one labeled Main tabs, attending for the chat Developer and beat the box abutting to it. Then baddest OK.

how to admit checkbox in chat ms developer tab advantage screenshot screenshot

Step 4: The Developer tab should now appear at the top of your awning in the capital award menu. You can baddest it to appearance its options and tools.

Display the Developer tab to accredit the checkbox affection (for macOS)

If you are alive on Word in macOS, you will additionally charge to alpha by enabling the Developer tab. However, the settings assignment a little differently. Here's what you charge to do:

Step 1: Open your Word doc. Look at the actual top of the certificate window, area you will see icons for saving, printing, undoing, and activity to the Word home page. Select the Small card arrow on the right.

Choosing the arrow abutting to the printer icon. Image acclimated with permission by absorb holder

Step 2: Select More commands from the drop-down menu.

Enabling the Developer tab in macOS. Image acclimated with permission by absorb holder

Step 3: You should now be in the Ribbon & toolbar menu. Select Ribbon to acknowledge added options.

Step 4: On the appropriate ancillary of the menu, you'll see the advantage to Customize the ribbon. Scroll bottomward actuality until you ability Developer at the bottom, and baddest it to accredit this tab.

Select Save. Exit out of the card and you will now see the Developer tab in your Word document.

How to admit a checkbox in Word (for Windows)

Step 1: Write up your list, again abode your cursor at the alpha of the aboriginal band of your list. Be abiding to leave a amplitude amid the aboriginal chat of your aboriginal band and area you appetite to add the checkbox.

Step 2: Select the Developer tab from the award menu.

Step 3: Within the Developer tab, attending at the area labeled Controls. In that section, attending for a Box figure with a analysis mark central of it. Select this icon. You've aloof amid your aboriginal checkbox.

how to admit checkbox in chat ms checkboxes screenshot 1 screenshot

Step 4: For blow of the curve in your checklist, baddest the aboriginal checkbox you created and the amplitude afterwards it, and again archetype and adhesive that alternative to the alpha of anniversary of the blow of your lines.

Step 5: Once you're accessible to electronically analysis a account account on your new checklist, artlessly baddest the Checkbox to add an X to the box.

How to admit a checkbox in Word (for macOS)

With the Developer tab enabled in your macOS adaptation of Word, creating checkboxes is actual easy. Here's what you charge to do:

Step 1: Type up your checklist, again abode your cursor at the alpha of the aboriginal account on your checklist.

Step 2: Navigate to the Developer tab in your Ribbon menu. Here, attending for an advantage alleged Check Box, with the figure of a arrested box. Select it.

Selecting the Check Box figure in macOS. Image acclimated with permission by absorb holder

Step 3: You accept now added a checkbox to the aboriginal account on your list! Repeat the action at the alpha of anniversary account to add a checkbox to them all.

Choosing the Checked advantage in the Checkbox menu. Image acclimated with permission by absorb holder

Step 4: In the macOS adaptation of Word, blockage the boxes works a little abnormally -- you can't aloof baddest them to analysis them off. Instead, double-click on the Checkbox to accessible the Options menu.

Under Default value, baddest Checked. Then baddest OK. Your checkbox will now be checked.

How to actualize a print-only account (one that can't be arrested electronically)

If you appetite checkboxes for your list. but don't charge them to be clickable (checked electronically), you can aloof actualize a bulleted account with checkbox-shaped bullets.

Note: This advantage isn't all-important for macOS, because the checkboxes on the Mac adaptation of Word are automatically print-only unless you go into the Options menu, as declared above.

Step 1: Type up your list. Then baddest the accomplished list.

Step 2: Select the Home tab on the ribbon, if it's not already selected.

Step 3: Select the Down arrow figure abutting to the Bullets icon.

how to admit checkbox in chat ms book alone checkboxes screenshot screenshot

Step 4: Choose a Box-shaped symbol from the card that appears. If you don't see one, accept Define new bullet from the card instead.

Step 5: If you end up allotment Define new bullet, baddest Symbol on the chat box that ancestor up.

how to admit checkbox in chat ms accept a screenshot screenshot

Step 6: Choose a chantry from the drop-down card labeled Font. Wingdings is a acceptable chantry for checkboxes. Choose your adopted checkbox attribute and again baddest OK twice. You now accept a print-only checklist.

A alternation of makeshift checkboxes in the online Word app. Image acclimated with permission by absorb holder

What about abacus Word checklists in ChromeOS?

If you are alive on a Chromebook, we about advance application the online adaptation of Word, a chargeless web app that runs able-bodied on ChromeOS and uses OneDrive as billow storage, which is an ideal band-aid in abounding situations.

However, creating checklists poses a problem. The online adaptation of Word does not accept the advantage to accredit a Developer tab, and there is no way to actualize checklists. There is an Android adaptation of Word you can acquisition on Google Play, but it doesn't abutment Developer options either -- and Microsoft alone Chromebook abutment for its Android Word app in backward 2021.

So, area does that leave Chromebook users? If you appetite to book off a checklist, you can still array of actualize one in the online Word app. Users can go to Insert > Drawing > Shapes and baddest a Square. Create a baby aboveboard at the advanced of your account account (choose whatever blush you want), again archetype and adhesive it at the advanced of anniversary item, as apparent above. It's a asperous workaround but will get you a printable checklist.

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