How to make a bed and assign it to villagers in Lego Fortnite

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While you’re moving astir gathering resources, fighting enemies, and building your colony successful Lego Fortnite, you will yet want to springiness your small Lego characteristic a rest. What amended measurement to freshen up than pinch a speedy nap successful a comfy bed? The only rumor is that you person to retrieve to make your furniture — literally! It mightiness not beryllium arsenic easy arsenic straightening your sheets, but here’s a elemental measurement to trade a furniture successful Lego Fortnite.

How to make a bed

A lego personification building a bed.Epic Games

Making a furniture tin beryllium done almost from nan commencement of your adventures successful Lego Fortnite. Once you are successful your world, unfastened nan Build paper and spell complete to nan Furniture tab. The action connected nan acold near will beryllium for beds, and you tin return your prime of designs. Each of nan basal beds will require 10 wood to craft. While you tin technically spot them anywhere, you should put them wrong your main base.

Unlike different endurance games, namely Minecraft, sleeping successful a furniture does not skip nan night. Instead, beds will afloat heal you and group that location arsenic your caller spawn point.

How to delegate beds to friends

A lego personification looking astatine a bed.Epic Games

You tin moreover build a furniture for your friend, aliases imaginable villagers, if you’re emotion generous. Once you make a furniture that you want to springiness to a friend, interact pinch nan bed. This will unfastened up nan Bed Assignment menu, wherever you will spot a database of each NPC villagers and players presently successful your world. Pick who you want to springiness nan furniture to and corroborate it to delegate it to that person/NPC. You will request to do this successful bid to get characters to unrecorded successful your town.

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