How to Make Money Without a Job: 26 Ways to Earn Money Outside the 9-5

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Breaking free from nan accepted 9-5 is much achievable than ever pinch these 26 innovative income streams. Ready to redefine your conception of earning?

Are you trying to triumph nan Mega Millions, but your numbers ne'er look to travel up? It whitethorn beryllium clip to look for amended ways to make money. Fortunately, you tin gain other rate without going and getting a “real job.”

What are nan champion ways to debar sitting successful a cubicle each day? Some money-making strategies require an upfront investment, while others fto you gain money successful your free clip pinch nan thief of apps.

Read connected to study nan champion ways to earn rate without a regular 9-5 job, positive tips connected really almost anyone tin get started.

man filling retired a marketplace investigation study connected a laptop while drinking coffee

One of nan easiest ways to gain money is by signing up to participate successful marketplace investigation studies. You won’t make much, a fewer dollars present and there, but you tin create a free relationship and get started wrong minutes.

You’ll beryllium paid successful PayPal rate aliases gift cards for sharing your sentiment and completing different tasks online.

E-Poll Market Research is 1 of nan apical companies to see for this type of work. They make it easy to create an relationship and reply study questions.

However, location are plentifulness of different options to consider, including:

  • Pinecone Research
  • Global Test Market
  • E-Poll Market Research
  • American Consumer Opinion
  • Pro Opinion
  • Harris Poll Online

While marketplace investigation gigs won’t make you rich, it’s thing you tin do during your spare time.

2. Write an eBook

If you person a book idea, turning your communicative into an eBook tin thief you earn passive income without a regular job. Kindle Direct Publishing tin moreover thief you format your book for Kindle, astatine which constituent you tin marketplace and waste your book to millions of imaginable readers who shop connected

How overmuch tin you gain penning eBooks? That depends connected really galore books you write, really overmuch you waste them for, and really successful you are astatine trading your book. Selling 20 books per period pinch a profit of $7 per book would nett you $140 per period and $1,680 per year.

Meanwhile, trading 100 books per period astatine $7 per book would nett you $700 per period and $8,400 per year. Need a small inspiration? Here’s an article that shows you how to make your first $1,000 trading eBooks.

3. Start a Blog and Monetize It

You tin gain a batch of money by starting a blog aliases niche website and monetizing it. I should know. I started Good Financial Cents much than a decade ago, and person earned millions of dollars done nan monetization of this tract since its earliest days.

How do you make money blogging? Earning existent income pinch a website isn’t arsenic easy arsenic it looks, but location are plentifulness of monetization strategies you tin try.

Here are nan astir communal ways blogs make money:

  • Affiliate Sales
  • Display Ads
  • Sponsorships
  • Product Sales
  • Sponsored Posts
  • And More…

If you’re funny astir what it takes to gain money blogging, see signing up for my Make 1K Challenge. It’s free and tin thief you gain your first $1,000 online pinch immoderate of nan blog monetization strategies I’ve already mentioned.

4. Start Freelancing

You could reason that freelance activity is for illustration a regular job, but moving astatine location and connected your position is overmuch different from accepted employment. The truth is, astir freelancers are afloat distant – they tin activity from anyplace successful nan world pinch a laptop and an net connection.

Plus, they tin prosecute and occurrence clients based connected their individual needs and preferences, and their income imaginable is unlimited. According to ZipRecruiter, freelancers successful nan U.S. mean $63.53 per hour.

Of course, you’ll request a marketable accomplishment to find paid activity arsenic a freelancer. This could beryllium freelance writing, creation skills, trading expertise, aliases thing else. 

You tin usage respective websites to marketplace your skills arsenic a freelancer, including:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • nDash

5. Get Paid to Lose Weight

HealthyWage makes it imaginable to gain money while you suffer weight. You won’t gain a ton of rate done nan app, but you tin gain a fewer dollars and usage it to supplement different income you have.

The much weight you lose, nan much money you tin make. For example, nan HealthyWage website claims immoderate of their clients who mislaid much than 100 pounds managed to gain anyplace from $1,400 to $3,000.

However, nan HW weight nonaccomplishment calculator shows imaginable net of $578 to $828 for group who only person 15 pounds to lose.

6. Rent Out Your Car

If you person a car you seldom usage and want to gain immoderate broadside income, you tin see renting it retired pinch Turo, a ride-sharing level that connects car owners pinch group who request a short-term rental. You tin group your price, though you’ll person much occurrence if you value your car competitively.

Nicer vehicles successful high-demand areas tin easy fetch rates that surpass $100 per time done this platform. Turo notes that in-demand cars rented retired regularly tin bring successful anyplace from $10,000 to $20,000 per twelvemonth successful nett profit.

Plus, almost anyone tin rent retired their car provided it meets nan guidelines of nan Turo platform. Your car must beryllium 12 years aged aliases newer pinch little than 130,000 miles. It must beryllium worthy little than $200,000 (no Lambo’s), and you must besides meet Turo’s car security requirements.

7. Rent Out a Room

bedroom pinch a bed, armchair, and a sliding doorway starring to a deck

Do you person a spare chamber successful your location that you ne'er use? Maybe you person a basement aliases car shed flat you could hole up and statesman renting for a profit?

Either way, Airbnb lets you rent retired rooms and different spaces successful your location connected immoderate dates you prefer. You must fto renters cognize they’re renting a room successful a location vs. an full flat aliases location and supply arsenic overmuch further item arsenic possible.

The magnitude you tin gain will dangle connected wherever you unrecorded and nan type of accommodation you tin offer. However, costly cities for illustration Chicago, New York, and San Francisco person plentifulness of rooms for rent that spell for good complete $100 per night. 

8. Rent Out Extra Space

You whitethorn not person an full room you tin rent, but moreover if you person immoderate retention space, allows you to rent it retired to others successful need. 

Common spaces rented done this level include

  • Garage Space 
  • Parking Spaces
  • Storage Space for a Boat aliases an RV
  • Empty Lots
  • Extra Attic Storage

The level makes it easy to advertise your unused abstraction truthful that group adjacent tin inquire if they’re interested. Also, statement that nan level offers security that tin protect you if immoderate of your client’s items are damaged aliases stolen while successful your care.

How overmuch tin you make renting retired other space? It depends connected really overmuch abstraction you person to rent and wherever it’s located. However, shows a scope of rental abstraction options that costs anyplace from $20 to $100+ per month.

9. Invest In Dividend Stocks

Investing successful dividend stocks is 1 of nan champion ways to gain money without a regular job. Many early retirees find a measurement to unrecorded and salary bills based solely connected nan dividends they person from various stocks.

But what precisely is simply a dividend stock? For nan astir part, they are regular stocks but pinch a way grounds of sharing their profits pinch investors done dividends.

Dividends tin besides beryllium earned successful exchange-traded costs (ETFs) aliases communal funds, and they tin beryllium important erstwhile you build up a ample portfolio.

Since dividends are paid by profitable companies, they thin to beryllium seen arsenic little risky for investors. If you’re funny astir what it takes to get started pinch this strategy, this station explains how to put successful dividend stocks.

10. Get Paid to House Sit

Housesitting is an action if you’re somewhat mobile and tin move from spot to place. Generally, you tin find house-sitting gigs done connection of mouth, referrals, aliases online portals for illustration aliases Facebook Marketplace.

That said, not each house-sitting gigs are paid. Some connection nan imaginable for exotic recreation alternatively and free lodging for a week to respective months.

Either way, a website called TrustedHousesitters is nan champion spot to find house-sitting gigs. Some jobs posted are for house-sitting only, while others require location sitters to supply basal attraction for pets aliases plants.

If you person superior wanderlust and want to recreation acold and wide, this level tin thief make it happen. Many gigs posted online are successful countries for illustration Australia, Ireland, France, and Switzerland.

11. Take Care of Dogs and Cats

If you emotion animals and want to gain money taking attraction of them, respective platforms tin thief move your dream into a reality.

For example, lets you supply basal attraction for dogs aliases cats successful your home, aliases you tin prime up canine stepping gigs. Another mobile app, called Wag!, lets you do much of nan same.

You tin group your rates for each types of activity done these platforms, and your availability. While net alteration by location and job, astir group watch dogs and cats for anyplace from $40 to $100 per night.

12. Invest successful Real Estate

Real property investing whitethorn look for illustration a tube dream if you dream to gain income without a occupation but perceive maine out. There are galore ways to gain income done existent property without owning beingness spot aliases dealing pinch nan hassles of being a landlord.

You tin put successful real property finance trusts (REITs) that fto you build wealthiness complete time. You tin besides usage a level called Fundrise to put successful existent property pinch a minimum finance of $10.

Fundrise lets you acquisition eREITs, ample finance costs that acquire, own, aliases run multi-residential and commercialized properties. The income you gain is wholly passive since it handles nan activity of uncovering income-producing properties and managing them.

While returns are ne'er guaranteed, Fundrise investors person achieved very coagulated returns. Investors who usage nan level earned an mean return of 7.31% successful 2020, followed by 22.99% successful 2021, 1.50% successful 2022 and -7.45% successful 2023 (their first down year).

  • * Minimum finance of $10
  • * Open to each investors
  • * Online easy to usage tract and app

I’ve been investing pinch Fundrise since 2018. Disclosure: erstwhile you motion up pinch my link, I gain a commission. All opinions are my own.

13. Invest Your Spare Change

woman seated dropping a 4th into a piggy bank

You tin gain income connected your spare alteration by investing it utilizing Acorns. The roundup savings app syncs to your debit aliases in installments paper rounds up each acquisition you make to nan nearest dollar, and invests nan difference. Once it’s group up, there’s nary activity connected your part.

Most of nan money is invested successful ETFs and managed by nan world’s apical finance firms for illustration Vanguard and BlackRock. While this app makes it easy to invest mini amounts of money, it’s not free to use. Personal plans commencement astatine $3 per month, while a family scheme costs conscionable $5.

14. Complete Basic Tasks On TaskRabbit

If you’re looking for immoderate paid gigs that are comparatively easy, see mounting up a floor plan connected TaskRabbit, an online level that lets you get paid for completing various tasks, specified as:

  • Assembling Furniture
  • Hanging Pictures
  • Wrapping Gifts
  • Party Clean-Up
  • Running Errands

Projects typically salary betwixt $30 and $100, though immoderate salary importantly much than that. TaskRabbit besides lets you prime and take nan jobs you want to return connected based connected your readiness truthful that you tin activity wholly connected your schedule.

15. Sell Photography

If you emotion taking photographs and person a knack for getting professional-looking images, you tin usage your skills and expertise to waste photos online.

Websites for illustration Depositphotos and iStockPhoto salary photographers to proviso them pinch banal photos they tin waste to writers, publications, and various online platforms.

The champion portion astir this broadside hustle is that you tin get started pinch nan instrumentality you already have. While you tin usage a master camera if you want to, galore smartphones return professional-quality photos.

16. Earn a Bank Bonus

Earning a slope prize is different measurement to gain money without a regular job, but you’ll request an upfront finance to get started. Most prize offers require you to deposit a circumstantial magnitude of money and support it successful your relationship for up to 12 months.

You whitethorn besides beryllium required to group up nonstop deposit to gain a slope bonus, and different position and conditions whitethorn apply.

Where tin you find nan best slope bonuses? While prize offers perpetually change, you tin commencement by checking pinch banks for illustration Chase, HSBC, Radius Bank, and Wells Fargo.

17. Flip Furniture

Flipping furnishings requires immoderate upfront legwork and perchance moreover immoderate creator talent, but you tin gain a coagulated income pinch this strategy if you cognize what you’re doing.

Essentially, this broadside hustle requires you to shop astatine thrift stores, car shed sales, and online platforms to find furnishings that will yet waste for much than you paid. 

From there, you tin waste nan furnishings as-is aliases cleanable it up and overgarment it pinch nan extremity of fetching an moreover higher price.

18. Drive for Uber aliases Lyft

You tin make money driving for Uber or Lyft connected your ain time, picking and choosing nan days and hours you want to work.

Not only is rideshare activity 1 of nan astir elastic side hustles, but you tin gain $20 per hr and much pinch tips.


You do request to person a clear driving record, and your car must meet basal requirements for either platform.

19. Sell Stuff You Own

two men shaking hands 1 is holding a bike

If you are debased connected free clip but still want to make money without a job, see trading worldly you don’t need. An array of online platforms makes it a breeze, though immoderate platforms activity amended for selling.

For example, you tin usage Poshmark to gain money trading utilized clothing and accessories, while utilized electronics thin to waste champion connected platforms for illustration, Decluttr, BuyBackWorld, and Gazelle.

If you person location decor, furniture, aliases workout instrumentality to sell, you’ll almost ever do amended unloading those items locally connected Facebook Marketplace.

20. Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube transmission is different measurement to gain money without a job, but that doesn’t mean it’s not work. The truth is, that creating value videos and building an assemblage takes a batch of productivity and time. Plus, not everyone who tries to build a YouTube transmission will succeed.

That said, you tin gain income without a regular job. I cognize because I person done it pinch my YouTube channel, Wealth Hacker. 

How overmuch you tin gain connected YouTube varies rather a bit, but it’s imaginable to gain thousands of dollars per month. If you’re funny astir monetizing videos, my in-depth guideline will show you how to make money connected YouTube.

21. Donate Plasma

Donating plasma is simply a unsocial measurement to gain money without a job, though it’s not very glamorous. makes it easy to find plasma aid centers successful your area, and you tin gain arsenic overmuch arsenic $100 for your first donation.

That said, consequent plasma donations typically gain person to $50. You’ll besides beryllium constricted by nan number of times you tin donate plasma wrong a month. However, it’s imaginable to usage this broadside gig to gain an other $500 per month, which you tin usage to supplement your superior income.

22. Become a Crowdworker

If you are consenting to complete various tasks that thief regular workers do their jobs, see becoming a crowd worker. This gig will person you finishing up to-do lists of jobs that don’t require circumstantial method skills.

For example, you whitethorn get paid to proofread documents, explanation images, update a resume, complete a form, aliases complete a information introduction assignment.

Several platforms thief you find crowd-working gigs, but nan champion ones see Microworkers and Clickworker. 

23. Shop for Groceries

If you want to do thing elemental that will get you moving, see delivering groceries utilizing apps for illustration Instacart aliases Shipt. You get paid hourly, positive tips and each you person to do is caput to nan store, acquisition groceries according to a list, and present them to group successful your neighborhood.

The gig is highly flexible, akin to driving for Uber aliases Lyft.

24. Deliver Packages With Amazon Flex

Another non-job gig lets you get paid to present packages for You tin do this done a level called Amazon Flex, which promises its drivers anyplace from $18 to $25 per hour. 

Unlike a regular Amazon job, Flex lets you prime nan time and nan hours you want to work. To get started, you request to create a free account, get approved, and commencement reserving blocks of clip you want to present packages. 

25. Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

a stack of gift cards sitting connected apical of 100 dollar bills

Finally, you tin gain money by trading unwanted aliases unused gift cards successful your possession. This hustle is made easy acknowledgment to platforms for illustration and 

You won’t get nan full worth of your gift cards, but you should get 90% aliases much of nan gift paper equilibrium for each paper you sell. While trading gift cards for little than their full worth whitethorn not look ideal, it’s amended than not utilizing them and getting thing successful return.

26. Take Online Surveys

Finally, you tin gain mini amounts of money by signing up pinch nan best online study sites. Not only is this broadside hustle arsenic easy arsenic it gets, but you tin participate and get paid during your spare clip and moreover connected your phone.


Survey Junkie is nan champion online study tract since you tin redeem nan points you gain for transfers to a PayPal account, a slope transfer, aliases Walmart purchases, iTunes purchases, and more.

Other online study sites to cheque retired see nan following:

  • Swagbucks
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Ipsos iSay
  • LifePoints

With each this being said, you’ll want to support successful mind that astir surveys only salary a fewer bucks and that immoderate only salary you pinch gift cards, while others connection nan action for PayPal transfers. Make judge you understand really each study tract useful and really you get paid earlier you motion up.

Final Thoughts connected Making Money Without a Job

There you person it, 26 ways to make money without a job. While galore of nan jobs connected our database won’t switch your 9-5, they tin beryllium a awesome measurement to summation your income so you tin salary disconnected debt aliases break nan rhythm of living paycheck to paycheck.

Check retired nan video beneath if you’re looking for moreover much ways to make money.