How to open RAR files

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Knowing really to unfastened RAR files tin beryllium to beryllium a valuable skill, particularly if you often download various drivers, files, and applications from third-party websites. Unlike zip files, Windows does not natively support RAR files, truthful you'll require a dedicated exertion for this purpose.

Our recommended programs for opening RAR files are 7-Zip for Windows and The Unarchiver for macOS. Here's really to usage them to unfastened RAR files.

7-Zip (Windows)

Step 1: Download 7-Zip from nan charismatic website. If you’re moving nan latest type of Windows 10 aliases 11, chances are you want nan 64-bit version, but it’s a bully thought to corroborate which type of Windows you’re moving first.

When successful nan installer, prime your desired destination files for nan inferior and click nan Install fastener successful nan bottom-right area of nan window. Click nan Finish fastener erstwhile done, and motorboat nan program.

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Step 2: Locate nan RAR record that you want to unfastened successful Windows File Explorer, past right-click it, and prime Open With > 7-Zip.

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Step 3: With nan RAR record now open, you person a number of options for what you tin do pinch it. You tin entree individual files wrong nan RAR archive by double-clicking them, aliases navigate done folders successful nan aforesaid measurement to excavation deeper into nan RAR file.

If you want to beryllium capable to entree nan files wrong nan RAR archive much easy successful nan future, you tin besides click nan Extract fastener and prime a prevention location. The RAR record will past beryllium extracted, leaving each of its components files and folders accessible done nan Windows File Explorer.

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The Unarchiver (macOS)

Zipping up files connected macOS is an basal characteristic of nan operating system, but you request to beryllium capable to unpack them, too. Apple has a autochthonal instrumentality for uncompressing files by conscionable clicking connected them, but it’s a streamlined action that doesn’t let immoderate power complete nan process. For those seeking a complete tool, we propose different option.

Unarchiver easy trumps nan built-in archive unpacker that comes pinch macOS — aka nan aptly titled Archive Utility. The programme offers support for a much important number of record formats, including RAR files, and offers further functionality much akin to 7-Zip than different disposable offerings connected nan web. Though Unarchiver cannot create RAR files, it still allows you to unfastened RARs pinch conscionable a fewer steps.

Step 1: Download Unarchiver from nan charismatic site, aliases caput complete to nan App Store to download nan application. Afterward, extract nan record and motorboat nan program.

Step 2: Once opened, guarantee nan container beside RAR Archive is checked — on pinch immoderate different archive types you wish to unfastened pinch nan Unarchiver — and click nan Extraction tab located astatine nan apical of nan exertion window. Afterward, prime your prevention location for nan resulting record from nan drop-down paper adjacent nan apical of nan window, control-click nan RAR record you wish to open, and take nan Unarchiver from nan drop-down paper beside nan Open With option.

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Step 3: The inferior will past automatically create and prevention a record pinch nan aforesaid sanction arsenic nan RAR record successful nan antecedently specified location. Then, simply double-click nan RAR record to motorboat it successful nan due program.

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