How to play Fortnite on iPhone

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Up until 2020, Fortnite was nan undisputed king of iPhone games. However, erstwhile a ineligible spat betwixt Epic Games and Apple spiraled into a tribunal lawsuit complete nan game's microtransactions, nan crippled was delisted and nary iPhone type of nan crippled is available. With location being nary denotation that an charismatic type will ever travel back, mobile users request to activity replacement methods to get their conflict royale fix. You don't person to wantonness your buddies connected nan conflict autobus for different game, though, because location are a fewer workarounds to get you backmost into nan crippled connected iPhone.

How to play Fortnite connected iOS

Since you can't simply download *Fortnite *on nan iOS app store, playing it will require a small other effort. There are respective ways to spell astir it, and nary are terribly difficult to propulsion off. Note that each these methods return advantage of unreality streaming, meaning that your acquisition pinch lag aliases disconnects will beryllium limited connected your net speeds and value of connection.

Xcloud connected a mobile device. Microsoft / Microsoft


Microsoft has an Xbox unreality gaming work that is not only free, but useful successful conscionable astir immoderate web browser. Here's really to get it moving connected your phone.

Step 1: If you don't person an Xbox account, create 1 at nan nexus here.

Step 2: Once you person your relationship ready, conscionable spell to this reside on your iPhone.

Step 3: Hit Playand Continue Anyway if you're not utilizing a controller.

The Amazon Luna app moving done Samsung Gaming Hub. Amazon

Amazon Luna

This method isn't free, requiring you to either person a Luna+ aliases Amazon Prime account.

Step 1: Open your browser and spell to nan Luna page for Fortnitehere.

Step 2: Select nan *Play free pinch Prime *button.

Step 3: Sign in, and hit Start to nexus up your Epic relationship and get into nan fight!

GeForce Now logo Nvidia

GeForce Now

The past streaming work you tin trust connected to get Fortnite going connected your iPhone is Nvidia's GeForce Now. Unlike Luna, this work allows you to watercourse a free-to-play crippled like Fortnite without subscribing to its work but does limit you to 1 hr astatine a time. If you scheme connected doing a marathon tally of games, you will request to upgrade to nan Premium subscription.

Step 1: Go to nan Fortnite page connected GeForce Now here.

Step 2: Log successful to your free aliases paid Nvida account.

Step 3: Hit Play and you will beryllium launched into nan game.

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