How to reset an Amazon Fire TV remote in less than 2 minutes

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Amazon Fire TV devices are among nan best streaming devices you tin buy. They're reliable, easy to use, and they connection entree to nan movies, TV shows, and sports contented we love, each pinch a fewer fastener clicks connected a slim and trusty Fire TV remote. But each now and then, you mightiness find that you request to reset your Amazon Fire TV remote. Never mind why. It happens (but hopefully not excessively often). The logic doesn't matter.

The bully news is that it's elemental to reset an Amazon Fire TV remote. So overmuch truthful that it made our database of nan most communal Amazon Fire TV instrumentality issues. (And really to hole them.)

But it's important capable that we're going to break it retired connected its own. Here's really to reset an Amazon Fire TV distant control.

A trio of Amazon Fire TV distant controls held successful a manus successful beforehand of a television. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

How to reset astir Fire TV remotes

There really are a fewer versions of Amazon Fire TV distant retired successful nan wild. (You'll besides perceive them referred to arsenic Alexa remotes.) This should activity for nan Alexa Voice Remote Pro, nan third-generation Fire TV remote, and nan second-generation Alexa Voice Remote Lite.

Step 1: Unplug your Fire TV's powerfulness cablegram and past hold 1 minute. Count retired loud. It's much fun.

Step 2: Press and clasp nan Left button, nan Menu fastener (that's nan 1 pinch 3 lines), and nan Back fastener — all astatine nan aforesaid time. Hold them for 12 seconds. Again, count retired loud.

Step 3: Let spell of each 3 buttons and hold 5 seconds. Count successful Spanish this clip for a alteration of pace.

Step 4: Now return nan batteries retired of nan remote.

Step 5: Plug your Fire TV instrumentality backmost successful and fto it reboot.

Step 6: Once it boots up and complains astir not having a distant power connected, put nan batteries backmost successful your distant control.

Step 7: Now, property nan Home fastener connected your remote. Once you spot nan ray connected nan distant power blink blue, you should beryllium bully to go. If it doesn't, property and clasp nan Home fastener connected nan distant for 10 seconds. Count to yourself this time.

Amazon Fire TV Basic Edition remote. Amazon

If you person a Basic Edition Remote

This method is fundamentally nan aforesaid arsenic above, conscionable a small different because nan buttons are a small different.

Step 1: Press and clasp nan Home button. At nan aforesaid time, property nan Menu fastener (with nan 3 lines connected it) 3 times.

Step 2: Release nan Home button.

Step 3: Now property nan Menu fastener 9 times. Count retired large arsenic you do so.

Step 4: Take nan batteries retired of nan remote.

Step 5: Unplug your Fire TV device. Wait 60 seconds.

Step 6: Put nan batteries backmost successful your remote, and plug your Fire TV instrumentality backmost in.

Step 7: Once nan location surface appears, property and clasp nan Home fastener for 40 seconds.

The 21neration Alexa Voice remote. Amazon

If you person a first-generation Alexa Voice Remote

Here's really to reset a first-generation Alexa Voice Remote.

Step 1: Unplug your Fire TV instrumentality and hold 60 seconds.

Step 2: Press nan Left fastener and Menu fastener astatine nan aforesaid clip and clasp them for 12 seconds.

Step 3: Release nan buttons and count to five.

Step 4: Take nan batteries retired of nan remote.

Step 5: Plug your Fire TV instrumentality backmost in.

Step 6: Once it complains astir not seeing a distant control, put nan batteries backmost successful your remote.

Step 7: Press nan Home button. If nan distant still isn't paired, clasp down nan Home fastener for 10 seconds.

None of that is excessively difficult, each things being equal. If you request to reset your Amazon Fire TV remote, it should conscionable return a infinitesimal aliases two. Just retrieve to count retired loud.

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