How to reset an Apple TV to its factory settings

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Apple TV remains nan best streaming hardware you tin buy, acknowledgment to its awesome integration of package and hardware. And because of that, it's going to past you for years.

Chances are that you'll ne'er request to reset your Apple TV. But if you do — maybe you're gifting it to someone, upgrading to a newer model, aliases it conscionable froze up connected you — it takes conscionable a fewer clicks and a mates minutes.

How to reset Apple TV

Note that erstwhile we mention to Apple TV, we're talking astir nan astir caller Apple TV 4K, arsenic good arsenic erstwhile hardware versions that don't support 4K resolution. Resetting your Apple TV should travel these aforesaid instructions, nary matter nan model.

Step 1: Grab your Siri Remote (yes, that's its existent name) and spell to nan Settings app.

Bonus: If you've mislaid your Apple TV remote, we person a awesome explainer connected really to find it.

The Settings app connected Apple TV. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Step 2: Scroll down to System and prime it.

The System action successful Apple TV settings. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Step 3: Choose Reset.

The reset action successful Apple TV settings. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Step 4: Confirm whether you want to do a basal Reset, aliases Reset and Update.

Both fundamentally do nan aforesaid thing. But if your Apple TV isn't moving nan astir caller software, nan second action will download and instal nan latest type of tvOS and past reset nan full point to mill settings.

Unless you person immoderate circumstantial logic to not update to nan astir caller type of software, we'd conscionable spell up and take Reset and Update.

Reset options for Apple TV. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

And that's each location is to it. It's speedy and easy to reset an Apple TV 4K. And almost arsenic speedy and easy to group 1 up.

For much tips and tricks, cheque retired our Common Apple TV problems and really to hole them roundup.

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