How to reset the TCL Q6 QLED Google TV

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Resetting your TV is 1 of those things that's important to cognize really to do, moreover if you're not apt to do it each that often. And if you're nan proprietor of nan TCL Q6 QLED Google TV, fortunately, we cognize really to do it. Why would you want to reset your TCL Q6? The astir communal logic would beryllium if you're trading it aliases possibly passing it on to a friend aliases relative, because you don't want your information connected committee for nan adjacent personification to see. (Even if it's personification you know, that would not beryllium great.)

Another logic you mightiness want to reset your TCL Q6, though, is if it's acting up and doesn't look rather ... right. Yes, it's fundamentally a machine pinch a large screen, but those things connected juncture tin return connected a life of their own, and nan only measurement retired seems to beryllium a afloat wipe. Bit rot is real, and location are ghosts successful nan machine.

The pursuing is really to reset nan TCL Q6 (and astir different existent TCL televisions moving Google TV, for that matter), whether you're utilizing it successful Basic mode, aliases pinch your Google account.

The TCL Q6 tv has a reasonably modular implementation of Google TV. The TCL Q6 has a reasonably modular type of Google TV. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

How to reset nan TCL Q6

This is 1 of those things that's super-easy to do, truthful agelong arsenic you cognize wherever to find it successful nan paper system. That's wherever we travel in.

Step 1: Grab nan distant power for nan TCL Q6. (Remember, it needs to nan beryllium TV remote. Not nan remote for an Apple TV aliases Amazon Fire TV aliases immoderate other you mightiness beryllium using.)

The settings fastener connected nan TCL Q6 distant control. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Step 2: Press nan Settings fastener connected nan distant power (the 1 pinch nan cogwheel icon).

Step 3: Select Settings from nan paper that's popped retired connected nan screen.

The Settings action successful nan TCL Q6 menu. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Step 4: Navigate done nan pursuing menus: System > About > Reset. Then take Factory Reset.

The Reset action successful nan TCL Q6 menu. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Step 5: You'll get different informing that you're astir to erase everything and group nan TV backmost to its mill settings.

Choose Erase everything.

The Erase Everything action successful nan TCL Q6 reset menu. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trendss

Step 6: One much confirmation: This clip you'll beryllium required to participate a four-digit number. (It'll beryllium different than nan 1 you spot here.) Enter it, past beryllium backmost and fto nan TV do its thing.

The PIN confirmation is nan last measurement of nan TCL Q6 reset process. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

And that's it. Remember that this is really you reset nan TCL Q6 QLED TV whether it's successful its astir basal mode, aliases if you've loaded it up pinch your Google relationship and each nan Google TV apps and information that comes on pinch it.

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